Hamburg (dpa / tmn) - After fixed comes: The craftsman saying also applies to screwing on the car. However, some parts - such as the screws when changing the wheel - must be tightened with exact force. So: not too lax and not too tight.

This can be done with torque wrenches with which the desired value can be preset. In this case, inexpensive tools are already suitable, even if you prefer to keep your hands off the cheapest models, as a comparison of the specialist magazine "Auto Bild Klassik" (edition 6/2020) shows under ten torque wrenches at prices of around 24 to 239 euros.

One model reaches the top mark

The test winner is the “Hazet 5122-3 CT” for around 135 euros. The professional model is the only one with “very good” (5/5 stars). Behind it is the “Gedore Torcoflex UK 3550-20 UK LS 4 torque wrench” for around 96 euros. It is "good" and has 4.5 out of 5 stars in the rating system.

But it doesn't always have to be a professional-level model. According to the testers, the demands of hobby screwdrivers are also met by cheaper models, for example the "Goodyear torque wrench 75522" for around 49 euros, which scores "satisfactory" (3.5 / 5) and which the magazine chose as the price-performance winner. The cheapest "good" rated model (4/5) is the "Proxxon Industrial MicroClick torque wrench MC 200" for 67 euros.

Poor quality in the lower price segment

The cheapest models at prices of around 24 to 35 euros could not convince: Among other things, poor workmanship and greater fluctuations in the triggering accuracy caused bad marks for these tools.