Riitta Korpela and the Ti-Ti Nalleperhe, who have delighted Finnish children and their families for more than thirty years, are renewing their operations with a fair hand.

One of the biggest changes is that the Ti-Ti Nalle house, which operated in Lempäälä Ideapark for a couple of years, had to be closed. According to a recent media release, Ti-Ti Nallen Koti Oy's operations in Lempäälä's Ideapark ended with the termination of the license agreement.

- Operations will be resumed with the new entity as soon as it is safe and the restrictions imposed by the government allow it, the press release states.

Before the Ti-Ti Teddy Home in Lempäälä Ideapark, the teddy bear family could be met in the Ti-Ti Teddy House in Ikaalinen, which has been operating since 2001.

Korona has also left its mark on Ti-Ti Teddy's activities. According to the media release, Riitta Korpela and the Ti-Ti Nalleperhe have now started streaming services. This means that both personal birthday sessions with Teddy Bears and Riita and longer activity sessions for kindergartens are available.

The first test test was done with Turku Hepokulla kindergarten and the feedback was encouraging.

- I was a little excited about the first streaming gig, but afterwards you can say that it feels good! Authentic, common moments will surely be remembered by many, Riitta Korpela comments in the press release.

In August, the teddy bear family will give a concert on the stage of the summer theater for the first time, and in December a screened theatrical performance called Ti-Ti Nalle's Christmas Story will be released at the Tampere Comedy Theater. Traditional concerts also continue.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the Ti-Ti Teddy Bear Spring Tour concert canceled in the spring will move to October-November under the new name Ti-Ti Teddy Bear Winter Tour.