According to an estimate released today by THL, the coronavirus epidemic has continued to slow somewhat compared to the previous two weeks.

The average number of cases reported to the infectious disease registry on a weekly basis has fallen significantly from the previous week, but they have remained almost unchanged from the previous week, THL says.

The currently estimated viral infection rate is 0.75 to 0.80. This means that the coronavirus epidemic has been declining in Finland for some time.

No new cases have been identified in the eight hospital districts during the most recent follow-up period (May 25-31).

The number of patients in hospital has decreased significantly from two weeks ago. In the special areas of responsibility of university hospitals, the health care situation is calm. The capacity of intensive care has never been exceeded. Almost 80% of all patients admitted to the hospital have been in hospitals in the special area of ​​responsibility of the University of Helsinki.

Laboratory coronavirus testing capacity currently exceeds 13,000 samples per day. In the last follow-up period (May 25-May 31), fewer coronavirus tests have been performed than in previous weeks.

In Finland, the goal is to test anyone with suspected acute phase coronavirus infection. Therefore, application for testing and coronavirus testing is recommended at a low threshold, THL recalls.

It is estimated that there are about 5,800 people who have recovered from coronavirus disease in Finland.