The fish provides delicious summer food. Many people want to buy it as fresh as possible from the service counter. In its press release, Pro Kala ry reminds that the cold chain of fresh fish purchased from the service counter should be taken care of especially well in the summer so that it remains good.

If you buy fish from the service counter, you should buy it only at the end of the shopping trip. At the checkout, fresh fish is good to pack in a thermo bag. If you do not have a thermal bag, you should pack the fish close to other cold products.

Pro Kala says in its press release that the cold chain of fresh fish is best left unbroken if you head straight home from the store and move your shopping to the fridge right away. The fish is best preserved near zero degrees.

Fresh fish will not be stored in a regular home refrigerator for several days.

Use as soon as possible

It would be best if the fish is already used on the day of purchase or the day after, the release states.

The same was stated by Topi Vaissi, who works at the Food Market Herkku Helsinki service counter. In April, he recommended to Ilta-Sanomat that, especially for Norwegian salmon, the fish should be used soon after purchase.

- Salmon from Norway may well have five days before it is on sale and yet they usually have a week of sales. We recommend that it be made no later than the day after purchase, Vaissi said.

- If you buy it on a Friday, you can certainly cook it on a Sunday. But the faster it makes, the tastier it is.

Sensory examination

It is also a good idea to consider possible long journeys from the store to your home or cottage.

The fish cooks quickly and with bad luck even before cooking has even begun, Pro Kala's press release reminds. This can happen if the shopping bags are put in a warm car and the drive is long.

Sensory testing is important in all fresh produce. Bad fish cannot go unnoticed.

- Fish is a safe substance in the sense that you can immediately notice the smell if it has been ruined, says Katriina Partanen, Executive Director of Pro Kala ry.

If fresh fish cannot be used soon, it can be frozen. Pro Kala says on its website that the fish stays in the freezer for 2-3 months below -18 degrees. Fatty fish, such as salmon, stay in the freezer for a month.

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