Sanna Juslen, 61, from Tampere, has now owned an apartment in the heart of Helsinki for more than a couple of years. He made that investment largely with a view to his future retirement days.

- I just missed a part-time pension, and three years later the ice permanently. Until now I have colonized the Helsinki-kämppääni once in a while, but in the future I intend to use it actively, Juslen says.

Juslen, who lives in Tampere for the time being, thanks his employer (Staria accounting firm) for the opportunity he has received: every other month he enjoys his retirement days, and the other one works.

- There is so much nice in Helsinki that I will definitely spend my retirement there. So my apartment there is not going for sale, but for the use of myself and other family members, Juslen says.

If, for some reason, you suddenly want to get rid of the Helsinki apartment, you should succeed.

- If there is a sudden need for money, you will suddenly get rid of the Helsinki apartment. This point weighed heavily on the horizontal cup when I decided to get an apartment from there.

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Long-standing lawyer Kaj Swanljung, on the other hand, plans to sell his apartment in Helsinki. He owns more than a hundred square meters of apartments in the city center, Töölö.

Swanljung, in his sixties, has recently retired, and now that all the children have already left the world, he now lives in his cabin alone - albeit only a couple of blocks from his female friend’s apartment.

The housing plans for Swanljung, which still works for a few more hours in the mornings, are clear.

- At the moment, I fully enjoy my man cave. However, there has been talk here with a female friend about buying a shared home, meaning I am now planning to sell my own home first, Swanljung says.

- The order includes a couple's cabin of approximately one hundred square meters. In this way, when we are now retired, financial resources will then have to be directed more to travel and various hobbies, for which Helsinki already offers an excellent framework.

Implementing the plan may not be quite simple, because, as Swanljung himself says, there are not too many downtown apartments of more than 100 square meters available in Helsinki. Smaller hard money homes are enough, but getting a bigger “reasonable price” can take a long time.

- Rent subsidies are the biggest culprit in the rise in housing prices in central Helsinki. Wealthy individuals as well as experienced investors have been able to acquire housing in the city center. As the rental market has also played well with various rental subsidies, prices have escaped high, Swanljung sees.

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