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Second Chamber technical briefing
Within a few minutes, the House of Representatives will be informed about the latest developments in the fight against coronavirus. These are the words of RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel, director-director Liane den Haan of the General Dutch Association for the Elderly (ANBO) and Caroline Beentjes, part of the board of directors within Woonzorggroep Samen.

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Foreign airlines are allowed to fly to
China again. China is slowly allowing flights from foreign airlines again. A select number of airlines will be allowed to fly to one Chinese city once a week from next week, the Chinese aviation authority CAAC said in a statement on Thursday. China's airspace will reopen on June 8. The CAAC aviation authority does not state in the announcement which airlines are re-admitted, only that they must meet certain requirements.

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China completes Wuhan test operation
After conducting nearly ten million corona tests in the Chinese city of Wuhan, three hundred new corona patients have been identified, Chinese health authorities are announcing this week. However, they are not added to the official number of corona patients because they do not show any symptoms. The massive testing operation in Wuhan was launched in mid-May after a new cluster of infections came to light. One million inhabitants have not yet been tested by authorities, who took some throat or nose mucus from other inhabitants.

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Group 8 students can receive an alternative traffic diploma
Normally, students in group 8 take the practical traffic exam at this time of the year, but due to the corona crisis this may not be possible everywhere. That is why Veilig Verkeer Nederland has devised a one-off alternative. When children practice the route to their new secondary school with their parents, they can still receive their traffic diploma in consultation with the school. Before the children start the route, they can do a digital bicycle check via the VVN app. In addition, a worksheet with points to watch out for is available.

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Far fewer marriages have taken place during
the corona period Since the outbreak of the corona crisis and the introduction of the measures, far fewer marriages have taken place than usual. This is evident from figures from Statistics Netherlands.

Since the measures came into effect (mid-March) and a maximum of 30 people were allowed to attend a marriage, about half of the normal number of marriages have taken place. Still, an average of five hundred stems each week gave the yes.

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Record number of deaths in one day in Brazil and Mexico
In Mexico and Brazil, record numbers of deaths were reported on Wednesday.

Brazil reported 1,349 fatalities, more than 100 more than Tuesday's record. In Brazil, 32,548 people have since died of COVID-19.

In Mexico, 1,092 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours, more than twice the previous daily record. According to the Minister of Health, this is due to the better diagnosis to see whether someone has died from the consequences of COVID-19.

In Mexico, 11,729 people have died from the effects of the corona virus to date.

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George Floyd was infected with the coronavirus
George Floyd, the African-American man who died on May 25 after a police officer pressed him to the ground with his knee on his neck for minutes, was infected with the coronavirus. This is evident from the full autopsy report released Wednesday.

Floyd appeared to carry the COVID-19 virus since April 8, but showed no symptoms of the disease. At the time of his death, he was probably no longer contagious.

The pathologist says that the coronavirus has not affected the cause of death. The report says Floyd died because his brain was not getting enough oxygen from police intervention. The report also states that Floyd had underlying heart complaints and had recently taken methamphetamine and cannabis.

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Stef Blok: 'Several hundred Dutch people still stuck in Morocco'
Of the three thousand Dutch people who have been stranded in Morocco since the start of the corona crisis, a few hundred remain, according to Foreign Minister Stef Blok in the television program Op1 on Wednesday evening .

Seven repatriation flights have now been organized to get stranded Dutch people back home. "There are only a few hundred of the original group left," says Blok. These will also be collected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "We also organize flight eight, nine and ten", Blok assures. 

The cabinet will not repatriate Dutch nationals who get stuck abroad because of corona measures. "Travel advice outside Europe remains code orange. That means traveling only if there is really no other way," said Rutte on Wednesday evening during a press conference, in which he explained the latest corona measures. That does not apply to the few hundred people who are still in Morocco.

The reason that so many Dutch people got stuck in Morocco is that the North African country took far-reaching measures to combat the corona virus.

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Which travel advice will soon apply to which country and what do the color codes mean?
A holiday in Europe is possible this summer, but only in countries where the color code is yellow. Code orange still applies to some countries, in which case holiday travel is not recommended. Which travel advice will soon be linked to which country? And what do these color codes mean for a trip to the country in question? put it for you in a row .

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summit postponed The international summit for EU member states and China that was to take place in Germany in September was postponed due to the corona virus. That has been announced by the German government. Earlier, a comparable summit in China was also postponed at the end of March.

Chancellor Angela Merkel called the President of the European Council yesterday with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Charles Michel. They agreed that it was irresponsible to hold the summit in September. A new date for the consultation has not yet been found.

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King and Queen present at the reopening of the National Theater
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were present on Wednesday evening at the reopening of the National Theater in Theater aan het Spui in The Hague. The royal couple saw two performances from a series of special shows that can be visited by thirty people. Read more here .

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During the press conference, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) confirmed that from 15 June nursing homes may allow several visitors per resident, provided they are corona-free.


Restricting visitors was intense, but also necessary. Now that the number of infections is decreasing, all nursing homes that are free of corona can once again receive 1 visitor per resident. From June 15, nursing homes are allowed to take the first steps towards more visitors per resident.

AvatarAvatar Author Hugo de Jonge Moment of Places 21: 50 - 3 June 2020

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Answers to your questions after the Rutte press conference
Can we go to Greece this summer, can I drive through Switzerland if I go to Italy and foreign tourists are welcome in our country? In this article , we answer the most important and frequently asked holiday questions that came to our response platform NUjij after the press conference.

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Press conference overview: Holidays allowed and nursing homes open earlier
View the most important points from the press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge about corona relaxation.

Press conference overview: Holidays and nursing homes open earlier

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The most important corona news of Wednesday 3 June: the


  • RIVM reported ten new deaths and nine new hospital admissions in the daily update.
  • Since Wednesday, no Dutch corona patients have been in German IC departments.
  • Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced in a press conference relaxations for the holiday period.
  • The government advised against traveling outside Europe and announced that it would not repatriate the Dutch during the summer holidays.
  • Primary schools will again be open to all students from Monday 8 June.
  • The anti-racism protest in Rotterdam was ended prematurely by the municipality, because it became too busy to maintain the one and a half measure.
  • Since Monday, more than 9,000 corona tests have been conducted at GGDs, of which only 94 were positive.

  • The Netherlands is joining forces with Germany, France and Italy to develop a corona vaccine as soon as possible.
  • Under certain conditions, Belgium made some relaxations with regard to catering, gyms and borders.
  • Germany will lift the travel ban for EU Member States, the Schengen countries and the United Kingdom as of 15 June.
  • Italy reopened its borders to tourists from the Schengen area.
  • Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell argued that his country should have taken stricter measures.

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