The question has been asked by many this morning. How can you allow a demonstration under prevailing circumstances? But banning people from expressing their views is not relevant, according to the Interior Minister.

- It is an important democratic right to demonstrate. But we are currently in a pandemic where we have to reduce the spread of infection and therefore there has been a ban on gatherings with more than 50 people for some time, says Damberg.

"Use digital media"

Damberg thinks that people who want to express their support for the fight against racism should do so, but that right now it should try to stay away from the streets.

- I would urge anyone who wants to manifest against racism to use digital media instead. Otherwise, many people risk getting sick and dying. We must continue to follow the recommendations of the public health authority, ”says Damberg.

- Health care is already very strained and we need to make sure that people who are ill have access to the care they need.