Coronavirus: in France, the Assembly's committee of inquiry opens its work

Arrival of a patient with Covid-19 at Bordeaux Saint-Jean station, April 3, 2020 (illustration). AFP / Nicolas Tucat

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The work of the commission of inquiry into the management of the Covid-19 crisis was launched in the National Assembly on Wednesday. Very severe since the start of the pandemic, it was the deputy LR Eric Ciotti who was appointed general rapporteur. Objective of the right, to fire red bullets on the government and its management of masks, tests and disease in institutions for the elderly.


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On the masks, the government has not told the truth!  "

It is Eric Ciotti, deputy of the Maritime Alps and particularly virulent in recent weeks, who was chosen by Les Républicains to carry the iron during the six months of work of the commission. It succeeded the fact-finding mission of the conference of presidents of the National Assembly, installed since April. The commission will scrutinize the government's strategy for prevention and management of the health crisis. 

As rapporteur for the Covid-19 commission of inquiry in the National Assembly, I will be mobilized with @damienabad to open the time of truth in the face of the worst health, economic and social crisis that our country has been going through since the Second World War.

  Eric Ciotti (@ECiotti) June 3, 2020

Composed of around 30 members from all political groups, it will have significant powers to investigate, including the right to convene under the penalty of criminal sanctions.

In the sights of the opposition, the former Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn , now campaigning for the municipal elections in Paris, his successor Olivier Véran but also the Prime Minister. Candidates for municipal elections, including Edouard Philippe in Le Havre will not, however, be heard before the second round on June 28.

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As 1st vice-president, I officially request with @damienabad the transformation of the parliamentary information mission # Covid19 into a parliamentary committee of inquiry for 6 months.

The French deserve answers following the worst health crisis in a century

  Eric Ciotti (@ECiotti) May 26, 2020

It is not a question of making this commission a people's court, but to release responsibilities  " explains Damien Abad. The boss of LR deputies intends to get answers on masks, tests and Ephad, institutions for the elderly.

No question of repeating the scenario of the commission of inquiry into the Benalla affair which had exploded in mid-flight in the National Assembly. "The time for lessons has come," does one believe on the right ...

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Another commission of inquiry into the management of the Covid-19 will be installed in the Ssénat in a few days.

Hospital staff from Compiègne applaud to pay tribute to a fellow coronavirus doctor who died, Doctor Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy. AFP / Richard Dugovic

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