China News Agency, Washington, June 3 (Reporter Shahan Ting) The US Senate Judiciary Committee held the first hearing on the legitimacy of the investigation of "Tongomen" on the 3rd local time. Rosenstein, the former deputy attorney general of the United States, said at the hearing that the "Tongomen" investigation "is not an unfounded scam."

Data Map: On May 7, local time, some people took a walk on the lawn in front of the US Congress. China News Agency reporter Sha Hanting

  The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Republican Graham said in his speech that the results of the "Russian Gate" investigation have been made public, that is, the US President Trump has not colluded with Russia, and is now investigating the cause of the "Russia Gate" investigation and the appointment of special When prosecutor Miller found out whether there was a "criminal act" involved.

  During his tenure as Deputy Minister of Justice from April 2017 to May 2019, Rosenstein was responsible for overseeing the entire "Russia-Russia" investigation. He said that he agreed with the conclusion of the "Russia-Russia" investigation and found that the president had "Russia-Russia", but the cause of the investigation was "reasonable suspicion." "I have always believed that it was the right decision to open the'Russia-Russia' investigation. It is crucial to investigate whether Russia intervenes in the general election and whether there are Americans colluding with it."

  Rosenstein explained that starting an investigation does not mean that the person being investigated is “must be guilty”. He believes that the "Russia" investigation is "not a scam", "an unfounded and improper investigation", or "political interests driving actions against Trump."

  Rosenstein said that there is clear evidence that Russia intervened in the US election in 2016. He believes that Russia is likely to continue to interfere in the 2020 US election.

  But Rosenstein also said that although he believed Miller's "integrity", the initial allegations of the "Tongomen" investigation came from "other sources" and he could not guarantee it.

  At the hearing on the same day, Democratic lawmakers believed that the Republican Party’s current investigation into the legitimacy of the "Russia-Russia" investigation was based on political considerations before the election, and intended to increase Trump's chance of winning the election by "overturning" the Miller investigation. Many Democrats have emphasized that the most important issues at the moment are the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and the nation’s anti-racial discrimination protests. The committee should hold hearings on these issues instead of investigating them. (Finish)