The Ministry of Education prepared 257 centers for the performance of the twelfth grade students, Emirates Standard Examination (IMSAT), in its fourth session, at the state level, after increasing 160 new centers.

The test also limited to four basic subjects: Arabic, English, mathematics, and physics, instead of seven previously.

In press statements, the Ministry attributed the reduction in the number of subjects and the increase in the number of centers during the current academic year to the Corona pandemic, which requires taking precautionary measures to protect students during the performance of the test.

The twelfth grade students take the exam in the four basic subjects within 12 days, starting on the ninth of this month, explaining that the English test sessions will be days: the ninth, tenth and eleventh of the same month, and the math and physics test sessions will be in the period from 13 to 18 From the same month, the Arabic language tests will be on June 30 and the first and second of next July.

This year, students will not take the Emirates Standardized Test (EMSAT) in Computer Science, Biology and Chemistry.

The Ministry pointed out that the «IMSAT» test has become the first admission criterion for public and private universities in the country, and the IELTS and TOEFL are replaced by it, and then it is considered a condition for admission to universities within the state, for foreign scholarships, and for admission to military colleges.

The Ministry has taken many measures that protect the safety of students while they take the test, including opening 160 new centers for its performance, whether in universities or schools, so that the total of centers that provide the test becomes 257 centers nationwide. Thus, the choices for students vary to determine the center in which they take the exam without the need to move from one emirate to another. These centers were also provided with thermal cameras. The Ministry has set a set of instructions that the student will abide by before, during and after the test, which is to ensure that the registration for the test is completed, to obtain a ticket for each test (according to the day that the student determined to perform), and to make sure that the test ticket is printed before each test, and read the instructions on it. And check the location of the test center, date and time. In the event that the student is a person of determination or suffers from a chronic illness that may affect his assessment of the test, he communicates with the school coordinator, to take into account his registration within the category of people of determination, with the need to attach the medical evidence and reports approved by the official authorities in the state.

The Ministry called on the student to ensure that he brought the original copy of his Emirates ID and a paper copy of the test ticket, and be present at the test center at least 15 minutes before his appointment, and ensure that he is in the correct test room. In the event that he encounters any technical malfunction in his device, he notifies the official in the test room, making sure to finish the test by pressing the test termination icon, to ensure that the result is calculated.

- "IMSAT" test, the first admission criterion, in public and private universities in the country.

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