(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Russian colleges and universities: the number of Chinese students applying to go to Russia under the epidemic still shows an increase

  China News Agency, Moscow, June 3-According to Russian media reports such as Tass News Agency and Satellite News Agency, recently, many Russian universities have indicated that despite the new crown virus epidemic, the number of Chinese students applying for Russian universities has increased. Russian experts believe that this is a solid manifestation of Russian-Chinese cooperation.

  Frasov, Vice President of the Russian Far Eastern Federal University, revealed that Chinese students’ interest in applying for the school during the epidemic has not diminished. The number of applicants from China will not only be less than last year, but will increase by 5%-10%.

  According to the press department of the Russian Kazan Federal University, as of the 3rd day, 350 Chinese citizens have submitted applications for admission. "This number is still growing." More than 100 people submitted applications to study Russian in the preparatory course.

  Irina, director of the Asian Cooperation Center of St. Petersburg State University of Information Technology Machinery and Optics? Jin said that the school actively cooperates with Chinese colleges and universities to organize student exchange activities and offers joint courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The school has received 50 applications from Chinese students.

  Kokareva, director of the International Student Department of Tomsk University of Technology, said that the school recruits 300 Chinese students every year, and this year Chinese applicants are still interested in the school.

  La Pingna, director of the International Cooperation Department of South Ural State University, said that the school has jointly established a dual degree program with the Yellow River Conservancy Technical College and Zhejiang Ocean University. So far, 200 applications for admission from China have been received.

  In addition, Russia’s Tomsk State University and the Russian Kazan Federal University also set up online courses for Chinese preparatory students. The course content includes basic Russian intensive training, professional Russian training and subject education. Universities such as the Kazan Federal University and the Otomsk University of Technology have also organized online school open days for Chinese students.

  Russian Deputy Prime Minister Golikova previously stated that the scale of exchange of foreign students between Russian and Chinese universities in 2019 has exceeded 90,000, and will reach 100,000 in 2020.

  Anastasia, a senior researcher at the Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the increasing number of Chinese students applying to Russia in the epidemic situation is a manifestation of the solid foundation of Russian-Chinese cooperation and a real need. After the epidemic is over, with the rapid restoration of contacts between Russia and China in various fields, the number of Chinese students applying to study in Russian universities will continue to increase in the future. Russian universities should increase the strength of teachers, improve teaching methods, and make preparations in all aspects.

  According to a joint study conducted by the Russian Federation's opinion polling center in 2019 and the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, nearly one-third of Chinese students studying in Russia choose to study Russian. (Finish)