Partially relaxed entry restrictions on Italy Resuming tourists from EU member states 7:26 on June 4

European countries are rushing to rebuild the tourism industry of major industries affected by the new coronavirus ahead of the summer tourism season, of which Italy partially relaxed immigration restrictions on the 3rd. , EU = We started accepting tourists from the member states of the European Union.

In Italy, the movement restrictions between regions, which had been continuing for nearly three months due to the spread of the new coronavirus, were lifted on March 3, and the entry restrictions for travelers were partially relaxed. In principle, it was free from EU member states and the United Kingdom. You can now enter the country.

However, almost no air services connecting Italy and other countries have resumed, and people were sparse at the international airport near the capital city of Rome on the 3rd.

Conte held a press conference on the 3rd, saying, "Italy has become a safe place for tourists from Europe and the world to visit," and plans to focus on attracting tourists in the future. I showed you.

Within the EU, Germany has decided to cancel the travel warning to EU member states, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, etc. on the 3rd, and it will be possible to travel abroad from sightseeing on the 15th, and France will also be within the EU from the 15th. We have a policy of coordinating with other Member States to allow free movement in.

In European countries, the new coronavirus has affected the major industries of tourism significantly, and we are rushing to rebuild it before the summer tourism season.