• Mafia, 23 murders in 20 years. 23 arrests in Catania
  • Mafia, blitz against the Santapaola clan: 9 arrests in Catania
  • Mafia. Shot in Santapaola-Ercolano clan: 14 arrests in Catania for extortion and drugs
  • Siege of Matteo Messina Money: blitz in Castelvetrano


03 June 2020 The police of Catania arrested 20 people in the anti-mafia operation 'Malupassu' taken at dawn between Catania and some Italian cities: eighteen ended up in prison, two under house arrest. Preliminary custody order also for 63-year-old Piero Puglisi, son-in-law of Giuseppe Pulv purchasers 'u malpassotu', the latter died in 2009 as a repentant: it would have been he who managed the mafia group from prison when he was not yet at 41 bis Mascalucia.

The organization chart of the criminal group and about fifteen extortions have been discovered. From one of these, the investigation was launched in 2017 in which the crime of mafia-type association, extortion, receiving stolen goods, trafficking and drug dealing are hypothesized in various ways.

In Trapani seized assets from an entrepreneur close to Matteo Messina Denaro
La Dia executed a decree to seize assets for a value of about 300 thousand euros against the entrepreneur of Castelvetrano (Tp) Carlo Cattaneo, 35 years old, active in the gaming sector and of bets, considered close to the fugitive boss Matteo Messina Denaro. 

The activity is based on the investigations of the "Anno Zero" operation, in 2018, when detention orders and kidnapping orders of the Palermo DDA were carried out against numerous members of the Mafia families of the Castelvetrano district, including the same Carlo Cattaneo and Rosario Allegra, who died a year ago, Matteo Messina Denaro's brother-in-law for marrying his sister Giovanna. The investigations, supported by the statements of several collaborators of justice, would have confirmed the expansion, in western Sicily, of the betting agencies affiliated with online gaming sites sponsored by Cattaneo, due precisely to the proximity to the fugitive boss.