The White House announced Wednesday the results of a health check by President Donald Trump, 73. They are reported by several American media.

Trump’s current physician, Sean P. Conley, wrote in his summary that Trump is healthy.

Trump weighs 110.7 pounds and is 190.5 cents tall. His body mass index is thus 30.5, which means significant overweight.

In February last year, Trump weighed half a pound less. A White House doctor asked Trump to lose weight two years ago. Trump then weighed 108.4 pounds.

Trump's press assistant admitted during the president's previous medical examination that Trump did not follow the exercise recommendations he received.

Trump’s main form of exercise is golf, though he moves on the field in a golf cart. Trump has been told to think that exercise consumes energy.

Donald Trump loves golf.

Photo: SMG / Zuma

Trump's blood pressure is 121/79. Last year it was 118/80 and the previous one was 116/70. Trump's cholesterol levels are falling. She has been told to change her eating habits to be healthier.

Trump does not smoke or use alcohol.