Considering the target of raising the minimum wage of the prime minister while considering SMEs etc.

Regarding the increase of the minimum wage, Prime Minister Abe will maintain the goal of achieving an average national wage of 1,000 yen early, while considering the management situation of small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the new coronavirus. I instructed to proceed with the examination.

The handling of minimum wages was a topic at the Government's All-Generation Social Security Review Conference held on the 3rd.

Among them, the person in charge of the Cabinet Secretariat said that the increase of about 3% has been done in the last few years, but if the minimum wage was revised, the new coronavirus would have a particularly large impact on the accommodation and restaurant industries. Explained that a higher proportion of workers will need to raise wages.

Prime Minister Abe said, "Increasing wages is important for turning a virtuous cycle in the economy," and stated that he will maintain the goal, which was decided by the Cabinet last year, to achieve an average national wage of 1,000 yen per hour at an early stage.

On the other hand, "The effects of the new coronavirus on employment and the economy are severe, and protecting the employment by the public and private sectors is a top priority issue," he said while considering the business conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises. We instructed Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato to proceed with the study.

In addition, at the meeting, the Cabinet's decision on the “Countermeasures against a society with a declining birthrate” was reported last week, and Prime Minister Abe said, “By removing each of the factors that hinder the fulfillment of hopes for marriage, childbirth and childrearing, We will work to achieve the desired birth rate of 1.8" as soon as possible."