Cinemas are slowly opening, and among the premieres of late summer, the big-screen movie classic Moomin and the Tail Star will be seen on the big screens.

The film, based on Tove Jansson's legendary book, will premiere in late summer 2020, thus celebrating Tove Jansson's life's work in honor of the Moomins' 75th anniversary.

Produced by director-producer-screenwriter Antti J.Jokinen, the production company Cinematic, produced by Cinematic, is a new version of the world-famous classic Moomin animation, which was realized as a Japanese-Finnish-Dutch co-production in 1992. The original creator and producer of the film is Dennis Livson. film version together with Antti J. Jokinen.

Rap-artist Redrama aka Lasse Mellberg will be heard as a Swedish-language Snuff, who will make a whole new takeover as a voice actor. For the musician, the work has been a dream come true.

- In the voice test, I thought I had to succeed now. It was awesome to finally hear he was elected. It is an honor to be involved in a production based on the work of our most respected artist, Tove Jansson, he commented to IS.

Mellberg has been particularly excited about the role of Snuff, as the character has been his favorite since he was a child. He feels like identifying with a contemplative and peaceful Snuff.

“I’m not quite as introverted, but the trait of enjoying solitude sitting on a cliff watching the sea is strong in myself,” Mellberg smiles.

Mellberg describes voice acting as a challenging but especially fascinating new experience. The film world has fascinated the artist for a long time.

- A fire broke out in the industry, and hopefully there will be more job offers in the future, he suggests.

The revamped film retains the story of the original film as well as the style of classical drawing and film animation.

Photo: CINEMATIC INC. 2020 / Frank Masi

The Finnish version of the film features Joonathan Kettunen (Moomin Troll), Jarmo Koski (Hemuli), Sarika Lipasti (Little Myy), Kristiina Halttu (Moominmamma), Carl-Kristian Rundman (Moomin Dad), Tuomas Uusitalo (Nipsu), Antti LJ Pääkkön Heljä Heikkinen (Niiskuneiti) and Markus Niemi (Snuff Moon).

In addition to Mellberg, Christoffer Strandberg (Moomin Troll), Max Forsman (Hemuli), Saga Sarkola (Little Myy), Maria Sid (Moomin Mom), Carl-Kristian Rundman (Moomin Dad), Andreas af Enehielm (Nipsu), Oskar Pö will be heard in the sound roles of the Swedish version. ) and Alma Pöysti (Snork Maiden).

A new world of sound

The upcoming film retains the story of the original film as well as the style of classic drawing and film animation. The image of the animation has been updated to today’s film standards and the sound world of the film, music, songs and dubbing, has been completely revamped with respect for the original.

- The technical implementation is made with silk gloves emphasizing and respecting the original. So the film is not mine, but I wanted to bring to life the original classic, give it a new life, preserving the vision of Tove and Lars Jansson, Antti J. Jokinen says in Cinematic's press release.

Finnish, Swedish, English and Japanese versions of the film will be produced.

When completed, the original Moomin Troll and the Tail Star was the first full-length Moomin film. It attracted a total of more than 176,000 viewers to cinemas in Finland, making it the seventh most watched film of 1993 - and the Moomin film to date.

In his Moomin stories, Jansson addressed even difficult topics and social themes, the interpretation of which has been a great resource for the stories. The book’s story, published immediately after the wars, also fits well with the situation in today’s world.

In Moomin Troll and Tail Star, the Moomin Valley is on the brink of the ultimate issues when the end of the world is threatening and summer is no more than before. The return of life to its streams requires unprecedented heroism from the people of Moomin Valley. The adventure faces exciting dangers, but also natural wonders and incredible treasures - and makes invaluable new friendships.