A misdemeanor court in Ras al-Khaimah fined a 5,000 dirham of a Khaleeji charge for possession of a firearm (gun) without a license, and acquitted him of the threat of insufficient evidence, obligated him to pay the due fee, confiscate the weapon that is the crime, and reject the civil lawsuit. The prosecution's indictment stated that the accused had obtained without a gun a license, and another "Gulf national" had threatened to hold his firearm to intimidate him.

The case states that the victim presented a report at the police station stating that he saw the accused carry a fire weapon on his shoulder and placed a knife at the level of his stomach, and he was carrying firewood while he was in his residential area, by stopping him and asking him about the reason he took firewood from the place and asking him to take it down, the defendant left him He retreated back and grabbed his firearm, and refused to take down the firewood and hand him over to him, as the defendant admitted in his record of possession that he possessed the old firearm without permission, as he had inherited it from his father, and denied his threat to the victim.

The victim explained that he was accompanied by his brother and cousin, and he saw the defendant carrying a firearm, a knife, and firewood, and that he asked him to take down the wood, so he told him that he took it from his cousins ​​and refused to take it down. The two witnesses mentioned the same speech mentioned by the victim.

In the investigations, the accused admitted that he possessed the firearm 20 years ago without a permit, as he lives in a mountainous region and uses it to protect himself from intruders and animals. He justified his failure to hand him over to the competent authorities because he inherited it from his father and does not want to abandon him, and he denied his threat to the victim on the day of the incident by The weapon.

A witness who works in the Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations at Ras Al-Khaimah Police said that he conducted the investigations at the request of the Public Prosecution, and his investigations did not reach the reality of the threat, except that the accused was actually carrying a fire weapon without being able to know its source, and that the accused lives in a residential area Residents are known to have old firearms and ammunition.

In the operative part of the verdict, the defendant's seizure of his weapon that he was carrying on imposing the complainant in his statements cannot rise to the crime of threatening a firearm as long as it is not proven that he directed the mouth of the weapon towards the complainant and those with him, or that he fired in the air, or that he did constitute a threat to the complainant and his companions. Or disturb them and spread fear and terror in them.

She explained that as long as the court has ended to absolve the accused of the threat, the court rejects the civil lawsuit, because the criminal act legally punishable and convicted by the court did not result in any harm to the victim and his cohort and the victim is not entitled to seek compensation on the basis of the conviction of the accused for the absence of damage.

• "Ras al-Khaimah misdemeanor" acquitted the accused of threatening insufficient evidence.

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