On Thursday, the Basic Finns' parliamentary group will discuss MP Ano Turtiainen's (ps) Twitter message related to the unrest in the United States, which has been interpreted as racist.

The message features a picture of Minneapolis protests where police press dark-skinned George Floyd from the neck to the ground. Floyd died in custody. Police behavior sparked riot-provoking protests in the United States.

In Turtiainen's message, the face of George Floyd, who is lying on the ground, is colored pink. The image is titled Pink Floyd.

In his message, Turtiainen writes: "Have you noticed that the closer you are to 'equality' in welfare areas, the more there are battles."

IS will not post a screenshot of the tweet due to its insult.

Ville Tavio (ps), chairman of the Basic Finns' parliamentary group, says that he does not look well at Turtiainen's tweeting.

- That in no way represents the line of our group. And it is not appropriate to post such sub-style material.

Tavio says the matter will be discussed at a group meeting on Thursday. This may result in disciplinary action, such as a reprimand.

- There is no way in our interest as a party or parliamentary group to be tweeted as inappropriate.

Tavio thinks the tweet represents a sub-style joke.

- It is quite clear that this is not acceptable.

Tavio says that he learned about Turtiainen's message from other basic Finnish MPs. They noticed it in the general Twitter stream.

According to Tavio's information, the message was readable for an hour, then Ano Turtiainen deleted it.

Ano Turtiainen explains to IS via SMS that the main thing of his tweet was its text.

- My picture selection was bad. I removed it so that it would not be detrimental to our group, Turtiainen reports.

Turtiainen regrets the choice of image.