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Last week, corona emergencies were lifted all over Japan in the metropolitan area and Hokkaido last week.

However, the Japanese government is calling for refrain from moving across the borders of local governments to prevent the spread of infection.

Then, in some areas, harassment is frequently occurring against vehicles with license plates from other municipalities.

This is due to concerns that moving from one region to another increases the risk of infection in our region, but there are also malicious cases that threaten to drive or damage a vehicle while there are no owners.

[Residents in Saitama Prefecture: We have made sure that there are no strange people around.]

To prevent this kind of damage, the trend is spreading across the country to indicate that the owner of the car is in the car.

Yamagata prefecture issues residence certificates at the municipality level.

[Japan NTV: A person living in Yamagata Prefecture.]

Nearly 500 applications were received within two weeks of issuance.

[Shivasaki/Yamagata Prefecture Officials: I hear that people with other license plates are noticed whenever they go to the gas station or are threatened to drive.]

Private companies have also started. This company in Kyushu Saga Prefecture sells car stickers for 47 local governments across Japan.

The only feature is that there are many orders from Iwate Prefecture in the Tofuku region, where only one infected person is out.

[Kitajima/Company Officials: People in Iwate say that they are more anxious about the spread of infection.] The

Japanese government plans to lift requests to refrain from moving between local governments after 10th of next month.