SVT has examined the death toll on elderly homes between weeks 10 and 19 this year, and compared with the same period in the previous three years. In Gävleborg, things have not changed significantly, but in Gävle municipality, however, there has been a clear increase this year, and there is one that stands out in the case of individual elderly housing. There, 8 died during the period last year, compared with 17 this year.

Corona is part of the explanation, according to sector manager Magnus Höijer:

- It is one of our largest homes and that means that we have more deceased people there in general, and so it is this year, and even there we have probably been affected by covid-19, he says.

Have you done everything you can to prevent the corona virus from entering the accommodation?

- Yes, we have introduced a ban on visits and worked extensively with our managers and employees, then I believe and expect a national discussion going forward about the conditions of the elderly care. We need to learn from this in many ways, says Magnus Höijer.