US President Donald Trump's Sunday speech on ANTIFA, and his announcement of his administration's intention to classify it as a "terrorist group"; To lead the search for this movement in electronic search sites.

Trump and other Republican politicians have accused "Antiva" of being behind the violence, robbery and destruction that accompanies the outbreak of demonstrations angry at the killing of African American George Floyd at the hands of white policemen in Minneapolis, Minnesota, days ago.

What is "Antiva"?

Antiva is a left-wing organization - essentially - anti-capitalist and neoliberal ideas, and hostile to "fascist, Nazi and extreme-right ideas."

The name "Antiva" consists of two parts, the content of which is "hostility" (ANTI) and "fascism" (FA), and it is classified by some as a socialist anarchist communist organization.

When did Antiva appear?

It is not known exactly when this movement arose, and in the United States some refer it to the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in 1999, when the city witnessed violent demonstrations, in which violence was used, and the city center was destroyed without casualties.

What are the features of Antiva members?

The organization's activists wear face-covers and black clothes, move in small human groups, and try to draw attention to their positions calling for change and rebellion against the current conditions.

Antiva is hostile to capitalism, political elites and the media, and believes in the need to express herself through violence that he should not reach for killing or bloodshed.

Antiva members - who keep their affiliation secret - believe that their organization is nothing but a natural reaction to the growing right-wing extremist trends in the United States, which Trump's arrival in the White House has given a significant impetus.

Trump's relationship with Antiva

Trump blames violent acts in dozens of American cities - which have seen angry demonstrations against the police - on Antiva members, and demands a distinction between peaceful protesters, and anarchist Antsa members. Trump's position was shared by Justice Minister Willem Barr who promised to apply the law to them.

On the other hand, Trump's access to power granted a kiss of life to Antiva, and Trump increased the enthusiasm of its members by the necessity of fighting the power that a Trump person represented.

Some constitutional law experts believe that Trump does not have the right to call "Anteeva" a terrorist organization.

Professor Mary McCord, a former Justice Department official, believes that "if such a law is passed, the matter will face a serious challenge to the first amendment of the constitution regarding freedom of opinion."

Organizational Chart

There is no clear organizational structure for the movement because of its secrecy, but it is made up of hundreds of decentralized movement societies spread across various states of America.

Right movements

The left-wing organization Antiva meets the far-right "Bugalo" organization, and Antiva's literature confirms that all local terrorists in the United States have left the extreme right groups and not from the left forces.

The leftists are based on a report issued by the Center for Extremism of the Anti-Defamation League in 2019, according to which all the killings that occurred in the United States in 2018 by local extremists resulted in fifty killings by right-wing extremists.