The man was stabbed in the leg before being taken away. The journey in the car lasted for 20 minutes before the man was released near Barnarp.  

According to the indictment, the three men wanted to impose an estimated debt of SEK 200,000 on the man. During a shorter stop on the journey, a sharp-loaded gun must have been pressed into the man's mouth while he was forced to say degrading things. Everything was filmed.

Shots were fired

In connection with the abduction itself, another man was also threatened with the sharpened gun and shots were fired as he tried to follow the car with the kidnapping victim in.  

The prosecutor believes that all three men during the entire course of events have acted together and in agreement. All three deny crime.  

In addition to people's robbery, serious arms crime and serious illegal threats, the men are also prosecuted for abuse in court case and gross unlawful coercion. One of the men is also suspected of minor drug offenses.