Now fit to build. The sun is shining and the heat levels have finally risen well above +10.

The construction of the terrace is not related to the coronavirus. Permits have been applied for before, but the timing is perfect. If the warm weather continues at the beginning of June, the riverside will invite Turku residents.

The restaurant ship Papa Joe is not subject to indoor restrictions. The ship itself is considered as an open space as such a “terrace”.

- A new terrace would be built anyway. It has been planned and dreamed of for a few years, says restaurant manager Heidi Järvinen.

The extra space may well be used when the restaurants open in early June.

The terrace can accommodate 24 new customer seats. According to Järvinen, they will be needed. Alcohol serving is due to stop at 10pm, and it’s still almost early in the evening at the restaurant.

- We were not negatively affected by the restriction on the number of customers when we are completely in the so-called terrace area. However, patio seats are a nice addition to the sale. Able to take a few more customers. However, time constraints affect us quite a bit.

The terrace of Papa River is waiting to be opened.

Photo: Bo Stranden

Last year, a total of 14 terrace permits were applied for in Turku. This year, 12 have been applied for so far. There has been no significant change in the number of applications so far.

However, preparations have been made for an increase in the number of permits. A working group has been set up in Turku to speed up the permitting process.

- We have collected all of the city side of the licensing authorities in the same crowd. We will be able to discuss the issue as smoothly as possible so that streamlining the process is not interrupted, at least in internal communication, says Kirsi-Maria Eronen, the city's project coordinator leading the working group.

Streets closed for terraces

Turku councilors Niina Ratilainen (green) and Mari-Elina Koivusalo (sd) have thrown into the air the idea of ​​using parking spaces for terrace use. They have also flashed the closure of some streets for patio extensions.

According to Anne Aholainen, Turku Entrepreneurs' Liaison Manager, this option is excluded.

- Entrepreneurs do not want any parking spaces left, especially in the city center. Temporary solutions are often supported by permanent ones, Aholainen reminds.

Due to the construction site of the market park, the city center is already in a state of emergency when several sections of the street have been closed.

According to Erone, it contributes to the downtown terrace practices.

- It is already quite cramped for people driving, and smooth public transport must also be secured, Eronen ponders.

He thinks that even a large number of restaurateurs are still hesitant about the future.

- Entrepreneurs still have to think about and calculate which number of customer seats is sufficient and how many people can be hired for layoffs.

And even more so you have to guess whether it will be a rainy or sunny summer.