Berlin (dpa) - The Italian national eFootball team has won the UEFA eEuro 2020. In the final of the first ever European football simulation eFootball PES 2020 championship, Squadra Azzurra won against the team from Serbia.

After the third win in the fourth game of the best-of-five final series, it was said on the Twitter channel of the Italian national eFootball team after the third victory.

In addition to the European Championship title, the Italian quartet around PES professional and team captain Nicola «Nicaldan» Lillo secured prize money of 40,000 euros.

The first UEFA eEURO was less successful for the German national team. Starting as a favorite for the title, the tournament for the DFB selection was over after the group phase. Only one win from three games meant an early end.

All 55 UEFA member associations participated in the qualification for the UEFA eEURO 2020. The 16 best teams played for the European Championship this weekend. The tournament was played on Playstation 4. Originally, the final tournament was to be held in London. Due to the corona pandemic, however, the eEURO only took place as an online tournament.

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