President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö visited the Foreign Policy podcast to talk about the coronavirus, among other things.

Among other things, Niinistö was asked how he considers himself optimistic and his mind open in an awkward coronavirus situation.

Among other things, the president praised the technology.

- In this position you have to be a bit closed even at normal times and, of course, also under observation, also guarded. I think this, for my part, has made this situation a little easier. But such conversations, which take place out of the ordinary in these times, do color the being. It’s a great thing that we have technology playing so well, Niinistö said.

He also went on to say that hope can be maintained in an awkward situation by telling himself that he is strong nonetheless.

According to Niinistö, each of us is "a much tougher group, which we ourselves guess."

According to him, Finns are a happy and successful nation in all respects. The post-war rise may also be an indication that the corona epidemic is also well understood.

- Yes, it says something specifically about Finns and our ability to live together. And once again, maybe even that smallness helps a bit. It is easier and faster for a small group to find each other, Niinistö said.

He also praised the Finns for finding self-discipline among citizens to protect themselves and those around them and for taking the virus seriously. According to the president, this has kept infection rates relatively low.

In addition to Korona, President Niinistö spoke in an interview with The Foreign Politician about Finland's international position, the European Union and the goals of his presidency.