North Korea “Provocations that Korean military exercises cannot overlook” May 08, 11:24 pm

The North Korean People's Armed Forces Ministry announced a discourse, saying that South Korea will conduct a military exercise on the Yellow Sea on the western side of the Korean Peninsula on the 6th, and must "provide the necessary reaction with provocation that cannot be overlooked." I repulsed.

A North Korean spokesman for the People's Armed Forces announced a discourse on the morning of the 8th in the newspaper “Labor Newspaper” of the Korean Labor Party, and South Korea conducted a military exercise on the Yellow Sea west of the Korean Peninsula on the 6th to fight the Air Force. It is said that about 20 aircraft and Navy high-speed boats participated.

Talking about this, he argued that the opposition was against the adult North-South agreement aimed at mitigating military tensions, "a provocation that should never be overlooked, and we must make the necessary reaction," he said. Did.

On the 3rd of this month between South Korea and North Korea, a South Korean military surveillance station on the military border was shot by the North Korean side, and the South Korean side fired about 20 warning shots.

The South Korean military has sent out a letter requesting clarification, but North Korea has so far not expressed its position.