“China's North Korean coal trade rampant” UN Security Council report 22 April 11:36


The United Nations Security Council has released a report summarizing the implementation status of sanctions on North Korea, revealing the fact that the trade of North Korean coal, which is fully embargoed in China, is widespread. I chose

This report was compiled by the members of the panel of experts of the United Nations, which surveyed the implementation status of sanctions against North Korea by the Security Council resolution and was released on the 21st.

Among these, coal from North Korea, which has been entirely embargoed as a source of funds for North Korea's nuclear and missile development, is mainly from North Korean cargo ships in the sea near China and cargo of Chinese nationality. He points out that the transactions are in the form of being transshipped to a ship.

This means that illegal transactions were made last year for 3.7 million tons and nearly 40 billion yen in Japanese yen.

It was also pointed out that North Korean sand, which is used for construction materials, has been shipped to Chinese ports at least 100 times since May last year and has sold a total of 2.4 billion yen.

In addition, the report says that despite the Chinese government's claim to comply with sanctions, the authorities have not sufficiently cracked down and the sanction violations are widespread.

According to the Security Council officials, the members of the Expert Panel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China have resisted the publication of the report until the end, and the chairman from the British diplomat has pushed it out.

Officials from the members of the Security Council have acknowledged that it is up to China to maintain sanctions, saying that China's stance weakens sanctions on North Korea and allows military provocation.

"The Secretary-General Guterres has issued a clear message that the Security Council sanctions should be respected," a UN spokesman said in a press conference on Wednesday, calling again on countries to comply with the sanctions.