China Overseas Chinese Network, April 20, according to the Myanmar Golden Phoenix Chinese News WeChat public account, a few days ago, the Myanmar Huaqiao University Alumni Association (MHAA) donated epidemic prevention to the Mandalay Office and the Vybaki Hospital in Yangon Supplies.

  The epidemic announcement of the Ministry of Health and Sports of Myanmar always touched the hearts of BGI alumni, soliciting opinions online, and the alumni of Overseas Chinese University Myanmar returned to China for the first time to start the anti-epidemic fund-raising campaign.

  Knowing that fundraising activities are in progress, more than 400 BGI alumni actively participated, offered advice and generosity, and raised a total of 12.25 million kyats in less than a week.

  On weekdays, several key alumni who devoted themselves to various public welfare activities contacted the Mandalay Provincial Office and the Vybaki Hospital in Yangon according to their opinions. After full communication, the Burmese Alumni Association of Huaqiao University quickly screened the procurement channels for epidemic prevention materials, contacted professional manufacturers, and ordered nucleic acid detection kits, medical protective clothing, various masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and sputum suction machines.

  It is understood that the Burmese Alumni Association of Overseas Chinese University donated 6 million kyats, 7,150 masks, 54 bottles of hand sanitizer, 5 boxes of gloves and a sputum suction machine to the Mandalay Provincial Office; The hospital donated 300 sets of medical protective clothing, a batch of nucleic acid detection kits and masks with a total value of 6.25 million kyats. The acting governor of Mandalay and the head of the Vybaki Hospital in Yangon respectively received representatives of the Overseas Chinese University Myanmar Alumni Association, accepting donations and issuing donation certificates.