US President Donald Trump has announced that his country will stop funding to the World Health Organization, accusing the organization of "failing to do its duty" in the emerging Corona virus crisis.

A week after threatening to cut US aid to the World Health Organization, the US President said in a press conference about developments in the fight against Corona virus emerging from the White House, on Tuesday evening, that he directed his administration to suspend the funding of the World Health Organization

Trump stressed that "the organization has totally failed to provide transparent information about the" Covid 19 "epidemic.

"The World Health Organization (WHO) was late in declaring a state of emergency because of Corona," the US president said.

He pointed out that "the organization's reliance on information provided by China caused the injuries to double."

"Many lives could have been saved if the WHO had sent early experts to China since the outbreak began," he added.

Trump called for internal reforms at the World Health Organization, noting the massive funding that the US taxpayer provides to the organization.

The US President indicated that the organization's failures caused the deaths of thousands, as well as that it did not prioritize public safety measures.

Trump stressed that his administration is doing its best to help countries that are in short supply of medical supplies to support them in fighting the epidemic.

Last week, Trump launched a sharp attack on the United Nations, writing in a tweet on Twitter that "the World Health Organization has really failed ... surprisingly, it is largely funded by the United States, but its focus is on China."

The US President threatened to suspend the payment of the financial contribution that his country is making to the World Health Organization, denouncing the manner in which the international organization managed the Covid-19 epidemic.

And then Trump said: “We will suspend (the payment of) funds to the World Health Organization,” but minutes later, he reversed this announcement by saying that he had not decided to suspend the payment, but only intended to study this possibility.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the United States is seeking "fundamental change" events in the World Health Organization, after his country threatened to withhold its financial contributions to the organization in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.

"The WHO has done a good job throughout its history," Pompeo told Florida Radio. Unfortunately, she did not do well this time.

"We want to make efforts to make a fundamental change or make a different decision that says you have to do your part to ensure the implementation of the most important global health commitments, that is, things that frankly preserve the safety of Americans," he added.