Democratic candidate Nak-Yeon Lee beat candidate Hwang Kyo-An in a big difference in Jongno, Seoul, which attracted the most attention in this general election.

Reporter Han Sang-woo delivers the choice of Jongno, the first politician.


The choice of Jongno, the first politician between Democratic candidate Lee Nak-yeon and United Party candidate Hwang Kyo-an, was candidate Lee Nak-yeon.

The candidate, who had advanced from the beginning of the counting, declared victory early at 9:40 on the night of the 15th.

[Lee Nak-yeon / Independence Democratic Party Chairman of the Democratic Party: Thank you to Jongno-gu, who left me as a member of the National Assembly. I will faithfully carry out the mission of the National Assembly in Jongno-gu.]

Candidate Hwang Kyo-an, who expressed his hopes for the results of the exit survey of three terrestrial broadcasters who expected a close match, admitted losing mid-count.

[Hwang Kyo-An / Future Union Leader: I would like to express my gratitude once again to all of you who have been helpful and dedicated.]

This candidate, who went down from the 16th to the 19th to become the 4th, became the 5th legislator.

The result of this election is being interpreted as the green light of the highway in Daekwon.

Throughout the campaign, Lee has traveled across the country as president of the Election Countermeasures to help support candidates in the party.

That's why the party's position has been strengthened.

Lee Hae-chan's term of office ends at the end of August.

The potential for this candidate to become the party's representative in the future pawnshopping event is already growing.

On the other hand, the defeated candidate Hwang immediately resigned from the party's presidency, and faced a political crisis amid electoral defeat responsibility.