China News Service, April 10, according to foreign media reports, as the new coronary pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in the United States, the country's prison system is facing increasing risks of virus transmission. Among them, the Cook County Prison, where about 4,500 inmates are held in Chicago, has become one of the epidemic-prone areas. As of 9th, 276 inmates and 172 staff members in this prison have been diagnosed with infection.

The picture shows a man walking through an almost empty Adams Street near the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois, USA on March 23 local time.

However, Cook County Prison admitted that these figures are likely to be underestimated because most prisoners have not yet been tested for new coronavirus.

The report said that so far, no prisoners have died of new coronary pneumonia, but lawyers have submitted a petition to the US Federal Court in hopes of mass transfer of prisoners.

On the 9th local time, Chicago Magistrate Matthew Kennelly rejected a request to transfer prisoners in a 37-page ruling, but requested Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to implement new policies to ensure the prisoners ’ Safety.

Kennelly acknowledged that this was "a very difficult task", but ordered that prisoners and staff be provided with soap and disinfectants, and that masks be provided to those who had symptoms of new coronary pneumonia.

Dart said his office has taken measures to protect prisoners and staff, and hundreds of prisoners accused of or convicted of nonviolent crimes have been released. However, Dart pointed out that the dilemma he faces is that 70% of prisoners are either convicted of violent crimes or charged with violent crimes.