China News Service, April 10, according to the WeChat official account of the Chinese website of Myanmar The form actively assisted the local society and contributed the strong strength of the Chinese to the anti-epidemic work.

In order to fully support the Mandalay government in carrying out the epidemic prevention work and effectively alleviate the shortage of epidemic prevention materials, the Mandalay Provincial Government established the "Mandalay Anti-epidemic Action Fundraising Committee" on April 3. Acting governor of Mandalay Province Wu Sanian, Chairman of Mandalay Yunnan Association Jiang Enti, Chairman of Yedna Yaoqi Company Zhang Weihua is the honorary chairman of the committee. Except the acting governor, all the members of the foundation are Chinese. Representatives of various Chinese groups and entrepreneurs in Mandalay.

Since the establishment of the committee, various Chinese leaders have generously contributed. From April 5th to April 8th, 87 Chinese have donated 2.0819.5 billion kyats. At present, the donation is still in progress. The Mandalay government is deeply grateful for the generosity of the Chinese leaders in Myanmar and has sent letters to many donors to thank them.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, every Burmese Chinese has been helping the work of Myanmar's war epidemic through its own methods. As a Burmese Chinese, Jiang Enti, president of the Yunnan Hall of Mandalay, has been running on the front line of anti-epidemic. At the same time, he also called on Chinese young talents to act and contribute to the prevention and control of the outbreak in Myanmar.

Jiang Enti said: "As a Burmese Chinese, we share the same fate with all Burmese people. Burma is our own home, and we are here to do this, hoping to bring the distance between Chinese and Burmese closer. Next We will also call on more Chinese communities to actively contribute to the Myanmar war epidemic. The epidemic is a huge blow to the Myanmar economy. At this time, we Chinese need to act to help the Myanmar government carry out anti-epidemic work and help our compatriots. To support medical personnel who are fighting hard on the front lines. "

In this severe struggle against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese community in Myanmar formed a strong joint force against the epidemic, donating money and donations, showing the deep feelings of helping each other in the same boat. Whether it is a Chinese who takes out the masks for free on the street or a Chinese who donates money and donations, he faces the risks of the epidemic and dares to take responsibility for the well-being of the society. He contributes love and strength to the war against the epidemic in Myanmar. Traditional Virtues.