China News Service, April 10, according to a report by the Associated Press on the 9th, recently, a 103-year-old Italian Riada Zanuso successfully defeated the new crown virus. She said that "faith and courage" is her secret to fight the epidemic.

It is reported that Zanuso is from the Veneto region in the north and will celebrate his 104th birthday on August 16, 2020. Zanuso lived in a nursing home in a northern town. On March 17, he began to experience symptoms such as vomiting, fever, and difficulty in breathing. Finally, he was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.

After two weeks of treatment, Zanuso has turned negative when he tested the virus this week and is currently waiting for a second test. In an interview, she said she was in good condition and could watch TV and newspapers.

Speaking of the secret to defeating the virus, Zanuso called it "courage, strength and faith."

According to reports, Italy is seriously aging, and the country ’s population over 100 is one of the largest in Europe.