About 2,000 people have died of the Corona virus in America in the past 24 hours, in the highest daily toll ever recorded by a country in the world since the epidemic, as Russia prepares to conduct clinical trials of a test vaccine against Covid-19.

Data published by Johns Hopkins University, which is a reference in tracking cases and deaths caused by Covid-19, showed that in the United States in the last twenty-four hours, 1939 people were infected with the virus, bringing the total number of deaths caused by the epidemic in this country to 12,722 cases. Out of 396,233 injuries.

During the past 24 hours, the United States has reported 29,609 HIV infections, according to the same source.

The United States is the first country in the world in terms of the number of reported cases of the epidemic, and it has been recording since the days of the death toll daily more than a thousand.

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Vaccine experience
In Russia, the head of a government research center informed President Vladimir Putin that his laboratories are ready for clinical trials in humans for a test vaccine against the Coronavirus from the end of June.

Rinat Maksyotov, head of the Victor Center for Virology and Biotechnology, one of the largest government research centers in Russia, said his laboratory had proposed a first stage of clinical trials of three vaccines to 180 volunteers, starting from June 29.

Maxiotov revealed his laboratory's readiness to conduct these experiments during a video interview between Putin and the heads of major Russian research centers.

He told Putin that "groups of volunteers have formed", noting that many have expressed a desire to participate, adding, "We have so far received more than 300 requests" for people wanting to participate in the experiments.

Maxiotov said that scientists at a secret laboratory complex located in the Koltsovo region outside the city of Novosibirsk in Siberia, had developed many prototype vaccines.

He noted that experiments are currently being conducted on mice, rabbits and other animals to determine which vaccines will give the best results by April 30th.

He added that the Victor Center had planned to conduct pre-test studies by June 22, before launching the human testing phase.

But he indicated that the first human trials could begin in May, "if approved by the Ministry of Health."

He said that the center has a platform for vaccine technologies for other epidemic diseases, which have already been tested in humans and can be used against the Corona virus.

The Victor Center conducted secret biological weapons research during the Soviet era, and it stores in its laboratories multiple viruses from Ebola to smallpox.

On Tuesday, Russia recorded 7497 cases of corona virus, and 58 deaths.

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New injuries
In China, the National Health Committee said that the mainland recorded 62 new cases of the emerging coronavirus today, up from 32 cases the previous day, and the number of infected persons from abroad increased.

The committee added that the number of cases coming to the Chinese mainland reached 1042 cases as of Tuesday, an increase of 59 cases over the previous day.

She stated that the number of new infections that did not show symptoms for their owners increased more than four times to 137.

The Chinese authorities do not count the number of people who do not show symptoms as a result of confirmed infections, until patients show symptoms such as fever or coughing.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in mainland China to 81,802 and deaths to 3333.

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On Tuesday, Italy recorded 604 deaths and 3,039 new injuries, bringing the total deaths to 17,127, and injuries to more than 135,000.

Italy is the country most affected by the epidemic globally, but its continuing decline in infection rates and deaths reflects that the government’s isolation measures are beginning to bear fruit.

Spain is in second place, with the total death toll rising to 13,798, but the authorities consider that the downward trend is continuing.

France on Tuesday crossed the threshold of 10,000 deaths from the Corona virus, which continues to advance in the country, according to Director-General of Health Jerome Salomon.

Salomon said that the death toll recorded in hospitals amounted to 7091 cases, an increase of 597 deaths within 24 hours, while the death toll in nursing homes reached 3,237 cases, raising the total to 10,328 deaths.

The British Ministry of Health has reported 854 new deaths from the Coronavirus, bringing the total to 6227.

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Corona in the Arab world
The Moroccan Ministry of Health announced the registration of ten new deaths from the Corona virus during the past 24 hours, bringing the total to ninety, and 64 new infections were recorded, bringing the total to 1184.

The Saudi Ministry of Health recorded three new deaths from the virus, raising the total deaths to 41 cases, and 272 new cases were recorded.

For its part, the Qatari Ministry of Health announced the registration of two new deaths due to Corona's disease for two elderly people who were suffering from chronic diseases, and announced the registration of 225 new injuries and 19 healing cases, bringing the number of those recovering to 150.

The UAE Ministry of Health said it had registered 283 new infections, in addition to one death.

In Bahrain, the health authorities announced the registration of 55 new infections, bringing the number to 811 cases.

In Egypt, 128 injuries were recorded, bringing the number to 1,450, and nine new deaths were recorded, bringing the number to 94.

In Algeria, the authorities recorded twenty new deaths in the past 24 hours, in addition to 45 new injuries, and 23 recovered.