The World Health Organization (WHO) responded to US President Donald Trump's threat, yesterday, to cut its funding and halt his country's contribution to the organization, noting that cutting off WHO funding during the Covid-19 epidemic is not the appropriate time.

"We are still at the critical stage of the epidemic, so now is not the time to stop funding," said Dr. Hans Cluj, regional director of the World Health Organization in Europe, in an online statement in response to a question about Trump's statements.

Klug made the comment hours after Trump's threat to the organization, at a press conference, the day before yesterday, after he attacked her in a previous tweet about what he described as China's bias and threatening to cut off funding for it, and said: "We will suspend the payment of funds allocated to the World Health Organization."

Cluj described the outbreak in Europe as "very worrying" and urged governments to "think very carefully" before easing measures to limit its spread.

At the press conference, Trump accused the World Health Organization of dealing badly with the new Corona virus crisis.

Trump did not provide any details, but said at his press conference that he had not yet decided to suspend the payment of the money, indicating that he only intended to study this matter. He continued, "We have to review our relationship with the World Health Organization, because it was a mistake, and it should have announced the epidemic early."

Along with Klug, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric rejected Trump's criticism of the World Health Organization and insisted that it praise her for "showing the strength of the international health system."

The senior adviser to the WHO Director-General, Bruce Ayllward, also defended the organization by saying that its work with Beijing was important in developing an understanding of the new Corona virus outbreak.

- UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric rejected Trump's criticism of the World Health Organization, and insisted

On praising her.