China News Service, April 7 (Xinhua) According to the Hubei Provincial Government website, the Hubei Provincial New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command issued a notice on the 7th to lift the control of the Lihan Channel. The circular said that from April 8th at 0:00, the traffic control checkpoints in Wuhan will be removed, and railways, civil aviation, etc. will be resumed in an orderly manner; colleges, schools, kindergartens, etc. in the province will continue to postpone the start of school.

Notice of Hubei Province New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters

With the approval of the central government, from 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan City lifted the control measures for the Lihan Channel. In order to continue to grasp the normalized prevention and control of the epidemic situation and restore the order of production and life in an orderly manner, according to the "People's Republic of China Emergency Response Law" and "People's Republic of China Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law" and the Hubei Province major public health emergencies level I response mechanism In accordance with relevant regulations, the relevant matters concerning the release of the control of the Lihan Channel are hereby announced as follows:

1. From 0:00 on April 8, the traffic control checkpoints in Wuhan will be removed, and the operation of railways, civil aviation, water transportation, highways, and urban buses will be resumed in an orderly manner. All transportation units should implement measures to prevent and control epidemic outbreaks, strengthen the safety protection of transportation personnel, and ensure the safety and order of transportation organizations.

2. All localities should continue to strengthen community management and control, strictly manage personnel entry and exit, implement identity inquiry, information recording, temperature measurement, and masks, and guard the frontline prevention and control positions in the community.

3. All kinds of public places should effectively bear the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. Commercial areas, parks, hospitals and other open places must strictly implement temperature detection, registration access, and flow control to prevent aggregate cross-infection. Movie theaters, theaters, entertainment venues, etc. continue to strictly implement negative list management.

Fourth, colleges, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, technical colleges and kindergartens in the province continue to postpone the start of school. The specific school start time will be determined after scientific evaluation based on the epidemic prevention and control situation.

Fifth, the residents should effectively enhance the awareness of epidemic prevention, do a good job in home sanitation, and if necessary, do not leave the community, market or province, minimize travel, do not participate in gathering activities, wear masks in public places. Staff members of state organs are not required to travel. All kinds of personnel flow safely and orderly with the Hubei Health Code "Green Code". The personnel entering Beijing shall be handled in accordance with the relevant requirements of the capital ’s strict management of the joint defense and joint control coordination mechanism in Beijing.

Sixth, all localities must insist on zero new additions not equal to zero risks, lifting channel control does not mean lifting prevention and control measures, opening city gates does not mean opening homes, insisting on level I response prevention and control measures, and insisting on the prevention of party committees and government chiefs as commanders The control system should be well-prepared to prevent and control the epidemic situation, accelerate the restoration of economic and social order, and ensure the overall and complete victory of the defense in Hubei and Wuhan.

Hubei Province New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters

April 7, 2020

Screenshot of Hubei Provincial Government Website