(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) China's Anti-epidemic Observation: Live Broadcast + Barrage Era, "Eating Goods" Helps Hubei Accelerate Restart

China News Agency, Beijing, April 7 (Reporter Zhang Weiran) A live broadcast called "Little Zhu Peiqi" by netizens swiped the screen on the evening of April 6. CCTV News "Thank you for the Hubei Ping Shan" charity action, the first live broadcast of the goods brought in, the "carrying officer" was partnered by the news anchor Zhu Guangquan and Taobao anchor Li Jiaqi, the total number of live broadcast views was 122 million, and the "food" all over the country placed orders Hubei products worth 40.14 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

The popularity of the scene was not accidental. As the spread of the local epidemic in Wuhan, which is the main battlefield, is basically blocked, the Chinese are joining the latest aid epidemic of aid to Hubei-through the "single order" to help Hubei's economy to restart quickly. "I support Hubei, I work hard, I am three pounds fat for Hubei" "Crawfish is so tempting, how can you sit and not buy this food" "I didn't fight for Hubei, but I tried to fight for Hubei", these words became no Few mantras.

How to successfully discover more people consuming Hubei products, especially agricultural products with outstanding seasonal characteristics? In the Internet era of "live broadcast + barrage", from various cities and counties in Hubei to foreign provinces and cities, and to major media and e-commerce platforms, many "powers" are exploring the potential of "cloud" consumption.

For Hubei, many types of products such as crayfish, spring tea, lotus root and so on are still in a state of unsalable sales. Many local government officials began to walk into the e-commerce live broadcast room to bring goods, show their talents, and try the new development model of "live broadcast economy + e-commerce". According to reports, Hongtian, the mayor of Yingshan County, recently launched the first show with goods. Within half an hour, only Dabie Tea Visited Weidian had 382 orders online and sold 146,300 yuan; Zhang Yuanmei, secretary of the Honghu Municipal Party Committee, sang when promoting the local lotus root in the live broadcast room. Starting from the theme song of "Honghu Red Guard", a pot of pork ribs lotus root soup was cooked on the spot, and over 20 million viewers watched this live broadcast, with sales of 450,000 copies.

Officials pay attention to interacting with netizens and strive to keep up with the rhythm of "barrage". Seeing the "barrage" of the screen, Tian Hongguang bluntly said, "There is no distance from netizens, it is very kind, and it is also an encouragement to me"; Zhang Yuanmei said to netizens, "A piece of Honghu water makes Honghu famous; a bowl of Honghu lotus. Soup, you can make everyone fall in love with Honghu! "

In addition to local officials, some senior agricultural experts have also begun to bring goods. Deng Xiuxin, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an “academician of citrus”, who has close ties with Zigui farmers, read the rap when promoting Zigui navel oranges, “There is a good evening in spring, summer oranges in summer, red oranges in autumn, newhol in winter, trees The results last year all seasons "," Fruits do not have long legs and will not infect people. " The live broadcast was watched by 1.25 million netizens, and 60,000 catties of navel orange was sold out.

Among the provinces and cities outside Hubei, Guangdong was the first to comprehensively launch cooperation with Hubei agricultural products in production and marketing, and regional modern agricultural cooperative development. The two provinces will carry out the "Internet +" E-Guangdong Agricultural Expo action, strengthen the effective connection between Hubei's Tiantou market and the Internet market, and broaden the sales channels of high-quality agricultural products in Hubei.

In addition, many media are also helping to open up Hubei's product sales, including cross-cooperation with e-commerce and social platforms. People ’s Daily New Media and JD Fresh provided emergency assistance to help Hubei farmers get rid of the dilemma of epidemic situation; CCTV News New Media united major e-commerce platforms, life service platforms and social platforms to jointly sell Hubei products.

Zhu Lijia, a professor at the Central Party School (National School of Administration), told reporters from China News Service that Hubei is pushing forward with greater efforts to resume production under normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control, and the challenges it faces are self-evident. From the central to the local, from experts to the media, from e-commerce to social platforms, are all trying to "out of the circle" for Hubei products. "The enthusiasm of people everywhere to help Hubei's products is rising, and the majority of foodies have started to pick up the hand model, which is very helpful to accelerate the restart of Hubei's economy."

Ye Qing, a member of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Provincial Statistics Bureau, pointed to the live broadcast of "Little Zhu Peiqi" as an example. Whether it is a local official, an industry expert or a farmer, they should increase their awareness of the Internet and enhance their new media capabilities. "The epidemic has taught everyone a lesson. I believe that after coming out of the crisis, e-commerce live broadcasting will remain an important sales channel for agricultural products in the future."

While optimistic about the e-commerce channel, Ye Qing hopes that more cities and their physical stores will extend an olive branch to Hubei goods. According to reports, Zigui navel orange was once changed from the past "don't worry about selling" to "dare not to buy", the goods sent to multiple directions across the country have encountered the situation of being unable to enter the city, and the dealers dare not even say that navel orange comes from Hubei.

Ye Qing said that in order to completely solve this problem, it is necessary to continue to strengthen the public knowledge of the epidemic situation. Many epidemic prevention experts have pointed out that through scientific epidemic prevention and strict quality control, Hubei agricultural products will not be contaminated with new coronavirus. The fear, anxiety and anxiety of the epidemic in some places are understandable, but I believe that over time, discrimination against Hubei products will become less and less.

On the other hand, in order to completely solve the problem of slow sales of Hubei products, it is obviously not enough to rely on the temporary order of "eating goods". Zhu Lijia said that within this year, other provinces and cities need to follow Guangdong's example and issue an industrial resumption and employment support plan for Hubei; in the long run, Hubei must improve product quality from the perspective of supply-side reform on the basis of strict quality control Only in this way can the purchase behavior be promoted from "fight one order" to a continuous "buy, buy, buy". (Finish)