"China economy shows signs of modest but modest improvement", International Monetary Fund, April 7, 9:14 AM

IMF = The International Monetary Fund has published an analysis that shows signs of modest but modest improvement in the Chinese economy. However, the possibility of another pandemic in China and other countries cannot be ruled out.

The IMF said in an economic analysis report released yesterday, "China's manufacturing business index has been improving moderately despite sluggish external demand. It is also reflected in satellite data on concentrations. "According to the analysis, there are signs of a gradual improvement in the Chinese economy.

"The Chinese recovery is encouraging, though limited, and shows that virus containment measures can curb the spread of infection and pave the way for economic activity to resume."

In China have called for Xi Jinping Jintao will promote the resumption of economic activity, it will be seen to be resumed gradually and production activities the company has been stopped.

However, the IMF has said that it is necessary to pay close attention to the future, saying, "There is still uncertainty about the future, and it is undeniable that a pandemic may occur again in China and other countries."