Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, April 5th, Question: Youth blooms and lives up to Shaohua-"post-90s" civilians in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in the joint logistics support force

Yu Baorui, Wang Qingxuan

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, hundreds of military civilian personnel have successively joined the front line of the joint logistics support forces to fight the epidemic. As the new force of this team, "post-90s" played an irreplaceable role in fighting the epidemic.

They have been given the label of "maverick and don't care about others' eyes"; they have also been questioned whether they can bear the burden. Today, the young “post-90s” stood at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, and made convincing answers with practical actions.

Tian Zuo: "Shanghai 囡囡" refining growth

The epidemic is like fire, and the order is like a mountain.

On New Year's Eve Wanjia's reunion night, Zuo Tian joined the first batch of military support Hubei medical team from Shanghai to Wuhan, and worked with Hankou Hospital on the night.

When he first came to the Intensive Care Unit of Hankou Hospital, Zuo Tian inevitably felt uneasy. But with the supplement of health supplies, the renewal of treatment plan and the improvement of cure rate, she gradually overcome her fear.

After the Vulcan Hill Hospital was put into use, Zuo Tian turned to Vulcan Hill and was assigned to the intensive care unit. According to the level of infection prevention and control, it belongs to the "Red Zone" with the highest level.

Nursing staff like Zuo Tian often take up multiple jobs and are physically exhausted. Before coming to Wuhan, Zuo Tian, ​​who was born in 1994, was still a weak "Shanghai 囡囡", and since she embarked on the battlefield to fight the epidemic, she knew she had to insist.

In the high-intensity continuous struggle, Zuo Tian sometimes cried tiredly, and even fainted in the ward once, but she never flinched.

Working in the "red zone", the biggest challenge for Zuo Tian is not physical overdraft, but psychological impact. For several days and nights, Zuo Tian thought of the patient's death just by closing his eyes. With the help and persuasion of colleagues, Zuo Tian finally defeated himself.

"In just a few days at Mount Vulcan, I not only understood what great love is, but also true bravery-bravery is not fearless, but it is clearly feared, but I still have to move forward." Zuo Tian said .

Ma Haoyu: "Northwest Man" incarnates "warm man" in the ward

On February 2, the military support team from Hubei Medical Group arrived at Vulcan Mountain Hospital, and Ma Haoyu, a "post-90s" physician, was among them.

Soon after they arrived, their department received an 83-year-old grandmother. The grandmother has been fighting the disease for more than 40 days. Just when she was about to give up, the doctor told her to transfer to Vulcan Hill Hospital.

When Ma Haoyu went round the house, the grandmother said excitedly to him: "Child, I think my day is light! Because what? Because this is a hospital for our people's soldiers!" Go down. Although separated by three layers of gloves, Ma Haoyu could still feel the heavy trust.

"It wasn't until that moment that I understood what health is and what life is about, and I also realized the duty to serve the people." Ma Haoyu said.

When the grandmother used the ventilator, Ma Haoyu and the nurse helped her to relax because of tenderness on the cheeks. When the grandmother was unwell and refused to eat, Ma Haoyu from Lanzhou told her how attractive Lanzhou ramen is, grandma said He spoke "China on the tip of the tongue" and his appetite also came. In the following days, as long as he was free, he would go to the grandmother to talk to him and encourage the grandmother to persevere.

After a period of treatment, the grandmother finally recovered. When he said goodbye to the elderly, he was full of happiness and sense of accomplishment. He said that this is the happiest thing.

Jin Yuntao: "Basketball Parade" took the battlefield against the epidemic

Among the civilians on the front line in Wuhan's anti-epidemic epidemic, there is a "post-90s" named Jin Yuntao who has taken a special path to "have a fan". It turned out that he had once been a member of the civilian team and was inspected by the motherland and the people at the military parade on the 70th anniversary of the National Day.

Jin Yuntao believes that being able to participate in the military parade is the supreme glory of soldiers, but glory is temporary and the mission is one-time. As a result, the name "Jin Yuntao" appeared in the first batch of medical personnel applying to support Wuhan.

When he took the post, Jin Yuntao never stopped busy. However, he has always pursued "fast and accurate", and sometimes missed.

Once, after being busy for more than 3 hours, Jin Yuntao, who was soaking wet, continued to draw blood from an old man. "Seeing the blood with one needle" was supposed to be the basic skill of the nurse, but after Jin Yuntao inserted the needle, he did not see blood flowing out. He was very guilty and quickly apologized to the uncle. The uncle said with a smile: "Young man, this is not to blame you, you see how dark my old spot is, no one can find out where the blood vessels are. The uncle is not afraid of pain, you can find it again!" Simple few The words flowed like a warm current into Jin Yuntao's heart.

The civilian personnel drawn from the whole army during the anti-epidemic campaign came from various arms and services, and it was also the first time that civilian personnel after the military reform carried out non-war military operations on a large scale. "Post-90s", as the main group of selected civilian staff, charged forward without any turning back, writing a touching chapter of this era.