The Russian extremist organization RIR has had an exchange with the Swedish Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR). Among other things, two men with connection to NMR, who were convicted of several acts in Gothenburg 2016 and 2017, received training from RIR's paramilitary branch in St. Petersburg.

Among other things, a bomb detonated outside the Syndicalists' premises in Gothenburg. No one was injured in that act.

In 2010, Säpo classified NMR as the most dangerous Nazi group in Sweden.

Can freeze assets

"This is the first time the United States has stamped a white power movement, it illustrates how seriously this government sees the threat," Sales said.

The fact that the operation is classified as a terrorist organization means that the US Treasury Department can freeze the assets of the movement in the US and that US citizens are prohibited from carrying out transactions with the organization.

According to US foreign ministries, RIR operates two paramilitary facilities in St. Petersburg where Nazis from all over the Western world received training.