New York State 'Medical system is at its limit' Extended going out restrictions Fine increase April 7 7:04


In the state of New York, where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is the highest in the world, and nearly 40% of the population is in the eastern state of New York, the healthcare system for responding to the growing number of infected people is nearing its limit. We are strengthening measures to limit the spread of infection by prolonging and raising fines.

The total number of new coronavirus infections worldwide exceeded 1.32 million as of June 6, with 352,546 in the United States, the largest by country, and 130,689, accounting for nearly 40% of the population in Eastern New York. You.

New York's deaths increased by 599 from the previous day to 4,758.

Governor Cuomo of the New York State said at a press conference on June 6 that "if this condition is already at its limits, the medical situation will be blown away," and the stock of ventilators essential for the treatment of severely ill patients has been reduced. He complained of the plight that he was out of the box, using one for two people.

Based on that, he presented several forecast scenarios for the future growth in the number of infected people, and explained that although the peak of the number of infected people is approaching, it is not yet known whether it will decrease rapidly after the peak or remain unchanged. Did.

The government said that it would extend citizenship restrictions from the 15th of this month by two weeks to 29th to limit the rise in infection.

Governor Kuomo has also called for citizens to take responsible actions, raising the fine for violations from $ 500 to $ 1,000 (about 110,000 yen) for the rule of keeping the distance to others more than 1.8 m to prevent infection. , We are strengthening our measures to limit the spread of infection.