In Europe, the situation varies slightly from country to country, depending on whether the corona19 spread has already peaked or is still heading. Germany's Prime Minister Merkel said the European Union has had the biggest test in history, but in some countries, debate is already coming out.

This is reporter Park Won-kyung.


The number of corona19 confirmed in Europe has exceeded 650,000.

Spain has the largest number of confirmed people with 135,000, and it has been reported in Italy and Germany with over 100,000.

More than 52,000 people are killed in Europe.

German Chancellor Merkel says Europe is facing great challenges with Corona19.

[Prime Minister Merkel / Germany: The European Union is facing the biggest test ever since its founding (due to Corona 19).]

In Germany, traffic is banned except for meetings of three or more people, commuting, etc. This will be maintained until at least the 19th.

It is reported that Italy is also actively considering ways to extend the closure of the school, which was originally until the 13th, to next month.

On the other hand, in some countries, the increase in the number of confirmed patients has slowed, and debate is being held.

Austria is set to take steps to ease easing, starting with the resumption of small store operations on the 19th, and Spain is said to be considering a gradual easing of restrictions on travel and bans on store operations.

Meanwhile, in France, a 37-year-old incumbent policeman, who was a judo player, died of Corona 19, and British Prime Minister Johnson is receiving intensive treatment due to worsening Corona 19 symptoms.