An Egyptian lawyer named Mohamed Talaat revealed the details of the warning he sent to the Chinese ambassador to Egypt and the Chinese president, regarding the payment of compensation to Egypt for the damage caused by the Corona virus, noting that it is a Chinese industry, according to the announcement of US President Donald Trump.

The Egyptian newspaper "Al-Nabaa" quoted Talaat yesterday that he is going to file a lawsuit against China before the International Court, pointing out that compensation must be paid to Egypt for what resulted from the "Chinese virus", he said.

He indicated that during the lawsuit, he will demand that China pay 10 trillion US dollars, "compensation for the damage caused by the Corona virus," in favor of Egypt.

The lawyer confirmed the general appeal, that he had received a call from the lawyer of the Chinese embassy, ​​and promised him the interview, but he refused and insisted on the payment of material compensation, indicating that he would resort to the International Court.

Mohamed Talaat denounced the case of extreme mockery of the invitation, saying: "I was amazed by Al-Hazar about the issue when I submitted it to the Bar Association, so that they supported the lawsuit, but I don't know why Al-Hazar is. The issue is not for Egypt, America demanded compensation and we are not less than a limit." , Noting that he is in contact with experts in international law to support the case.