"Active training" to develop good habits

——Focus on the moving life of "house" (Part 2)

Core reading

Home fitness has become the choice of many people, driving the development of various online events and activities. This not only provides a new direction for the development and transformation of the sports industry, but also provides new ideas for promoting mass fitness. With the improvement of people's health awareness, more and more people take the initiative to exercise and develop good exercise habits.

For the past two months, sports social instructor Li Yuming has taken a video of his aerobics every afternoon and shared it on social platforms. During this time at home, he became a "home fitness coach" for many people. "There are usually more than 100,000 hits on a video, and you can see that there is a great demand for sports guidance." By sticking to online postings every day, Li Yuming has gained many fans.

"Homestead" cannot ignore sports. Sports stars and sports social instructors record fitness videos and promote easy-to-learn exercise methods to the public. Relevant industries are also actively carrying out online layout. Various forms of fitness mini-program "punch" and "online" challenge recruitment have increased the participation of the public, and also promoted people to develop good sports habits.

Health awareness

Moyu, a netizen who lives in Shenzhen, combined with online videos to create a set of exercise "cheats". "Exercising a lot, summing up some experiences, different exercises are combined, and the boring fitness process has become interesting." In her view, sweating every day during exercise, the mood has become better, I hope to practice well soon figure.

Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the importance of fitness and health. In the time of the "house", many people have gradually developed fitness plans and goals from the "first experience" of fitness. In the long run, the exercise habits that people develop during this period will be retained to a considerable extent, and fitness exercises are expected to become the norm in life.

Various online events and sports meets came into being, so that home sports are no longer monotonous. The "Online Parent-Child Competition" launched by the Social Sports Guidance Center of the State General Administration of Sports and well-known athletes invites parents and children to participate together and reap the fun of parent-child interaction in the process of fitness. In the community of Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, sports instructors and home fitness instructors have launched fitness "books" to increase the fun of home exercise, including Mulan boxing and square dance suitable for the elderly to practice, and some young people like Oxygen exercises, fitness games that kids are interested in. With the community as a platform, residents' enthusiasm for home exercise has been further stimulated.

The "Cloud Fitness" show creativity also meets people's social needs to a certain extent. In the "Fitness Master is You" event sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Sports Bureau of Sichuan Province, the home exercise videos that the citizens "baked" are full of tricks, and wonderful fitness ideas such as billiards and hot pole dances have attracted netizens. .

Zhang Li, a researcher at the Institute of Sports Science of the State General Administration of Sport, believes that with the further improvement of public health awareness, more and more people have changed from passive exercise to active exercise. "On the one hand, strengthening exercise will move the barrier of disease prevention forward; on the other hand, fitness can improve the quality of life."

Industry welcomes opportunities

During the epidemic, Ali Sports and Youku Children launched a "sports class at home" project, with nearly 2,000 episodes of children's parent-child sports courses and more than 220 live broadcasts, attracting more than 10 million users to watch and participate. Among them, the "Championship Sports Class", which is the key building, has completed 4 seasons of programs, and invited a total of 27 champions in multiple sports events to appear. The project leader Anguo believes that the collective transfer of sports institutions from offline to online in the past two months has been a clear trend.

According to Yang Yang, chairman of the Athlete Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the online model provides an effective way for people to participate in sports and is expected to bring new opportunities for industry and industry development.

According to statistics, the user activity of many fitness and sports training apps has increased several times during the epidemic, and the development and improvement of online courses have also provided diversified choices for the public. Qi Power Tennis has launched a course called "Bear Kids Home Sports Strategy", which is welcomed by many parents and children. The youth basketball training institution Dongfang Qixing opened the existing online courses to students for free, and distributed them to more families through cooperation with video platforms. Shifting the "main battlefield" to online can win the brand's attention and build up word of mouth, but whether or not a new business model can be spawned in the future remains to be explored.

The online model may bring about changes in the industry, allowing fitness training institutions and sports media platforms to pay more attention to the needs of the general public and reorganize their business. Industry insiders believe that as people's fitness awareness increases and consumer demand increases, it will inject new momentum into the development of the industry. Fitness and leisure services supported by online technology and combining online and offline will become one of the directions of industry transformation.

Fitness service upgrade

During the epidemic, various localities adapted to local conditions, actively mobilized sports resources, and sent a series of grounded home fitness activities to thousands of households. In Harbin ’s first National Fitness Online Games, several sports that are easy to carry out at home, such as radio exercises, opening and closing jumps, and tablet support, are very popular.

Qinghai Province carried out the “National Fitness and Fighting the Epidemic Situation” activity, with sports associations and social forces actively participating, and nearly 1,000 online “home fitness coaches” emerged. Activities such as the "Home Fitness Talent Show" held in Liaoning and the "I Love My Home Health House" released in Shanghai are also advocating healthy lifestyles and providing new ideas for the development of mass fitness exercises.

Recently, many sports venues have resumed business. In Shanghai Rock Park (Fun City Hall), many golfers have made appointments to enter these days. According to the relevant person in charge, the stadium currently uses appointment, registration and other methods to control the number of people.

However, experts say that restoring outdoor sports must be done step by step and within our ability. Feng Qiang, assistant director of the National Physical Fitness Research Center of the Institute of Sports Science of the State General Administration of Sport, suggested that if you do not maintain regular exercise during the "home" period, do not suddenly increase the amount of training after resuming exercise. % Of the training volume is a more reasonable arrangement. "He also reminded that the preparation activities before exercise and the stretching and relaxation after the exercise are very important, which can reduce exercise damage and help restore physical condition.

It is not difficult to participate in fitness, the key is to find a suitable exercise for you, and carry out under scientific guidance. Zhong Bingshu, a professor at the Capital Institute of Physical Education, believes that the experience during the epidemic should be summed up to explore the establishment of community sports health and other social organizations. "This will not only drive the enthusiasm of residents to participate in sports and health activities, but also give full play to the social integration of sports, expand the participation of the masses, reflect the demands of the masses, and promote the upgrading of community fitness services."

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