This is a live report from reporters.

On today (6th), reporter Park Ha-jung visited the so-called 'return match' districts where the candidates who faced in the previous general election again play.


Seodaemungap is a regional district that includes seven dongs including Yeonhui, Hongje, and North Ahyeondong along with Sinchon-dong, the representative university town of Seoul.

There are two candidates who will play their 6th match in this general election with a record of 3 to 2 in the past 20 years.

The alumni of the student council at Yonsei University alumni are candidates such as Democratic Party Sang-ho Woo and United Party leader Sung-heon Lee.

[Lee Sang-ho / In addition, the Democratic Party candidate: If the future opposition party, the opposition party, is likely to become a majority, it is very difficult to overcome this crisis.]

Candidate Sang-Ho Woo, a current member of the district who is in the 17th, 19th, and 20s and challenges the 4th line.

[Woo Sang-ho / In addition, the Democratic Party candidate: (I know the other candidate), I'm very comfortable and familiar. I have a heavy weight when it comes to resolving local issues, and I'm a much better candidate for the ruling party candidate ... ]

Commitments include the early start of the light rail western line and Gangbuk crossing line, and the early promotion of the 2nd and 3rd area of ​​North Asia.

[Lee Sung-Hun / Future United Party Candidate: You agree with this Congress that you really need to give the opposition the power to check.]

Candidate Lee Seong-heon, a former 16th and 18th congressman who aims to retake, promised to make the new Daehakro a transparent and speedy redevelopment and reconstruction project.

[Lee Sung-Hun / Future United Party Candidate: I hope the election campaign is clean and not illegal. The opposition party has to change, but (right candidate) can change Seodaemun, which has been in the 8th year.]

As the Green Party decides to participate in the Democratic Party-led Proportional Union Party, it is also running as an independent candidate, Shin Ji-ye.

He made a commitment to feminism and youth, including the anti-discrimination laws against sexual minorities and the implementation of the recruitment system.

In Gwanak Gap, Seoul, the fifth candidate is a candidate for Democratic Yoo Hong Hong and Kim Sung-sik, an independent member of the district.

The previous record is two.

There are multilateral schemes, including Kim Dae-ho, Lee Seung-han, and Lee Dong-young, the candidates for life.

Busan Bukgang Seogap is the fourth return match.

As a candidate for Democratic Jeon Soo-soo and Min-Sik Park of the United Nations, the party's winning and losing matches have so far been matched.

(Video coverage: Sang-Bo Jung, Gongjin-gu, Video editing: Commissioner Yang, Screen source: YouTube Shinji Ye)