It seems that the Corona pandemic crisis will not only radically change the health, economic and political conditions of the world, but rather spoil the relations between the major world powers.

The Corona crisis triggered an "unprecedented" war and rivalry between Western countries to import respirators and respirators to counter the disease, and even accused other countries of seizing shipments of medical equipment destined for them.

The authorities of the German capital Berlin said on Friday that the United States had seized two hundred thousand medical masks, which had been purchased by Berlin for use in the fight against the Corona virus.

Andreas Geisel, internal affairs senator for the Berlin state government, said in a statement that the United States had seized two hundred thousand medical masks of the type "FFP-2" in the Thai capital, Bangkok, which had been purchased by the state of Berlin to face the Corona epidemic.

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America pounced on a shipment of protective medical equipment bound for Germany and transferred to the United States ... in an accident that a senior German official described as "modern piracy"! via @financialtimes

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The German official criticized the US takeover of the masks, describing it as piracy, calling on the German federal government to call on the United States to abide by international laws.

France and America
In France, the president of the "Ile de Furnus" region, Valeria Pecres, said a few days ago that the Americans had recently obtained a shipment of respirators that the provincial authorities had requested, after the Americans doubled the money to the manufacturer.

French officials in at least two other provinces stated that American buyers had received Chinese-made masking cargo destined for France, and one of the shipments took place at a Chinese airport runway before the plane took off towards France.

However, a senior administration official told the French press that the federal government had not purchased from Beijing any shipments of masks intended for Paris.

In Sweden, the medical company Molnlyk yesterday accused the French authorities of seizing millions of gags and medical gloves imported from China for Italy and Spain.

The company said in a statement on its website that it had imported millions of gags from China, and was heading through France to both Spain and Italy, but that the French authorities put their hand on them, after Paris's decision to ban the export of medical products.

Molnlyck CEO Richard Tommy described Paris’s behavior as “unexpected and extremely disturbing.” The Swedish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it expects the French authorities to release the medical equipment it confiscated.

Ventilators, a weapon that every country in the world is trying to manufacture and increase production to fight the Corona virus (Covid-19) .. What is its importance?

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Ukraine and China
The French Press Agency also quoted Ukrainian parliamentarian Andrei Motovilovets as saying that he traveled to China last month to secure a shipment of masks for his country, but that Ukrainian consular officials found when they went to contracted factories that diplomatic officials, from other countries such as Russia, America and France, were trying to obtain Applications made by the Ukrainian authorities.

In a post on his Facebook account, the Ukrainian parliamentarian added, "We rushed orders with Chinese manufacturers, but we did not sign contracts, and others - meaning other countries - had funds ready to pay, and therefore we have to struggle to obtain another shipment."

In Slovakia, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said a few days ago that his government had learned last month a lesson that when it comes to buying cargo of masks, cash is the master of the situation.

The Slovak official told how his government had prepared funds worth 1.2 million euros to buy a cargo of masks from a Chinese factory, and prepared a private government plane to transport the shipment, but a German merchant preceded them to the Chinese factory, and obtained the shipment after he paid more money.

Because of the great eagerness to purchase gags, and the rest of the medical equipment necessary to confront Corona, and the lack of many countries in the world - including advanced countries such as France and America - on large production capabilities that parallel their huge needs for the mentioned equipment, tensions have arisen between European countries recently after the confiscation of governments For supplies destined for other countries.

Czech and Italy
Last month, the Czech authorities bought smugglers thousands of gags that were destined for Italian hospitals, before they later learned that these quantities were a gift from the Chinese authorities to their Italian counterparts.

British Financial Times:
The White House is trying to compel 3M to export masks to the United States, by forcing it to send about 10 million N95 respirators, which are produced in Singapore and are intended for markets in Asia.
✍🏼 The racism and racism of the Americans is pushing them to wage a dirty muzzle war against all countries of the world

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The British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that the American company "ThreeM", which produces artificial respirators, stated that the Trump administration asked it not to export these devices to Canada and Latin America.

The CEO of the American company, Mike Roman, said that not exporting this equipment would have "major humanitarian repercussions", given that the company is a major supplier to these countries.

Commenting on the Trump administration's decision, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the American move is a "wrong decision", stressing the need for countries to cooperate in tackling the Corona epidemic, and Trudeau noted that America, in turn, imports medical equipment from Canada.