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■ Progress: Joo Young-Jin Anchor
■ Talk: Sung-Yong Sung SBS Editorial Committee Member, Professor Chang-Hwan Park, Chang An University, and Professor Sang-Hwi Sang

● Mini presidential election 'Jongno Great Battle'

-Park Chang-Hwan Professor, Anan University
"L Nak-yeon Lee, Taking Care of the People ... Hwang Kyo-an, Popular Attraction"
"Hwanggyoan's chasing position ... I need to raise the wind"
"Hwang Kyo-an, the election that took the lead in the presidency ... seems unlikely to support other regions"

-Lee Sang-Hwi, Professor at Semyung University
"Jongno, various support groups according to income class ‥ 'Dongjin Servo'"
"Lee Nak-yeon, defending the superiority ... Hwanggyo-an, Chase Seol-mi"
"Lee Nak-yeon, a relaxed figure ... it's better to take care of other areas"

-Sung Hoeyong SBS Editorial Committee
"Lee Nak-yeon calmly ... Hwanggyo-an attacked and criticized"
"It is the first time that a leader of a ruling party has met as a servant."

● Lee Nak-yeon-Hwang Kyo-an talks

-Park Chang-Hwan Professor, Anan University
“The United Party has no policy issues to link the ruling regime's ruling.”
“The United Party should come up with concrete alternatives for the middle class”
“It will be difficult to change the election law because of the fight over rice bowls.”

-Lee Sang-Hwi, Professor at Semyung University
“Hwang Kyo-an, a sense of stability and convincing voice”
“The Election Law is defined as failure and must be fixed”

-Sung Hoeyong SBS Editorial Committee
“Lee Nak-yeon, the advantage of trust and stability”
“Improvement at the next National Assembly in conjunction with the proportional system”

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