In coronation times, more people work at home. In addition, the boarding takes place for some time via the back doors of the buses. This means that there is no continuous ticket control and that more people go by public transport without a valid ticket. This gives UL a bang - every day.

- We want to keep public transport for everyone who needs to use it, but then they also have to pay, says Helena Klange, UL's Press Manager.

Will it lead to more ticket checks?

- No. We have no plans to increase controls. We have the controls we always have in traffic.

New guidelines from the Public Health Authority

On Wednesday, the Public Health Authority issued guidelines to public transport operators to reduce congestion.

- We do not have the same congestion in Uppsala as in Stockholm. Most buses are not crowded as there are fewer people traveling. If there are any buses that we need to change, the easiest solution is to limit the number of passengers on the bus, says Helena Klange.

"Most important to maintain traffic"

On the part of the Uppsala region, it is important that traffic continues to be up and running.

- The development is natural as travel has gone down. What is important to us is that we maintain the traffic to the highest extent possible, in order to avoid congestion. Then I just want to appeal to those who use the traffic to do the right thing for themselves and pay, says Johan Örjes (C), chairman of the Traffic and Community Development Board at Region Uppsala.