(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Interview with Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming: Sino-British Anti-epidemic Cooperation is very effective

China News Agency, London, April 1st: Interview with Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming: Sino-British anti-epidemic cooperation is very effective

China News Agency reporter Zhang Ping

Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming said in an interview with the China News Agency on March 31 that Sino-British anti-epidemic cooperation has been effective and China attaches great importance to the safety of 220,000 Chinese students studying in the UK.

Heads of state talk twice in more than a month

"We should say that we have carried out very effective cooperation with the British side in the joint fight against the epidemic." Liu Xiaoming summarized that this was mainly reflected in five aspects: policy coordination, experience exchange, scientific research cooperation, material assistance and global cooperation.

"For more than a month, President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Johnson have talked twice on the phone, which is also rare in the history of exchanges between China and Britain." Liu Xiaoming said that at the level of national leaders, China and Britain have very close policy coordination and communication. . The two leaders focused on strengthening cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, exploring the establishment of a global health partnership, and reaching an agreement, demonstrating the firm confidence of China and the United Kingdom in working together, fighting the epidemic, and advancing a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Liu Xiaoming said that when talking with Johnson, President Xi Jinping emphasized that the two countries should strengthen cooperation within the framework of the United Nations and the Group of Twenty. At a critical moment in the common fight against the epidemic, China and Britain should work together to build a community of shared future for mankind.

According to Liu Xiaoming, China and Britain have strengthened the exchange of experience in epidemic prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment. China provided the UK with the latest version of the new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan in a timely manner; the UK appointed a medical expert group to attend the outbreak video conference held by China and European countries. China and the UK have further strengthened their cooperation in testing, vaccine and drug development, and clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Liu Xiaoming pointed out that in recent days, the Chinese team sent to Shandong Province to work in the UK includes many front-line experts in the fight against epidemic disease, and also brought a large amount of medical supplies to support the British fight against the epidemic. Experts from China and Britain exchanged ideas. The Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom spoke highly of the exchange and expressed his willingness to learn from the knowledge and experience of China's epidemic prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment, and continuously strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in fighting the epidemic.

Attaching great importance to the safety of 220,000 Chinese students

Since the outbreak, the Chinese embassy in the UK has answered and responded to a large number of calls and emails related to the epidemic every day. The peak period has reached more than 600 a day. The embassy issued more than 20 reminders of the epidemic situation and maintained close communication with the British health department and immigration department, asking the British side to deal with Chinese citizens' help in a timely manner.

"Providing protection for Chinese citizens, especially international students, is a work we attach great importance to." Liu Xiaoming said that there are 220,000 Chinese students studying in the UK and scattered in 154 universities in the UK. "I have written letters to all 154 universities, and I have also written to the British Secretary of Education, asking them to take good care of these 220,000 Chinese students. The school attaches great importance to the performance of overseas students, and said that it will take effective measures to solve China Issues of concern to international students. "

At present, the most important problems facing international students are epidemic prevention and returning home. The embassy issues health packs for international students, which include masks, drug protection supplies, and epidemic prevention guides. The embassy helps students analyze the different situations of each student, formulate different solutions, and more importantly, make long-term arrangements for their studies. International students are required to respect WHO's advice and reduce long-distance travel and cross-infection in the event of an outbreak. When returning home, you must abide by the relevant domestic epidemic prevention regulations.

There are 15,000 Chinese primary school students aged under 17 in the UK, which is a more vulnerable group that needs more attention. Most of them are boarding in elderly British families. According to the British government regulations, the elderly over 70 are vulnerable to high-risk groups and need to be isolated at home. Liu Xiaoming said, "We are trying to help them find hosting agencies, and now they have contacted some departments."

Liu Xiaoming said that at present the number of flights between China and the UK has been reduced from 168 flights per week to more than 20 flights per week. Some of the international students with difficulties actually face the problem of returning home. The embassy is stepping up communication with relevant domestic departments.

At the same time, the embassy guides and helps Chinese-funded enterprises in the UK establish an epidemic prevention system, maintains close ties with key enterprises and focuses on protecting the interests of enterprises. Liu Xiaoming said, "I wrote to the British Secretary of Transport and the President of Heathrow Airport, hoping to reduce the fees of our airlines. Heathrow has responded to the letter and said that it attaches great importance to it and is studying measures to reduce our airline. Operating costs. "

Clarify our position

In response to the recent British media's false statements about the Chinese epidemic, Liu Xiaoming said that he was shocked and seriously concerned about seeing such reports. "Some media have discredited the tremendous contribution that the Chinese people have made to the safety and health of the world's people. This is a minority, but it must be given high attention. The embassy will clarify its position immediately. At the same time, I myself have come forward and expressed dissatisfaction with the British government.

Liu Xiaoming said that senior officials of the British Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told us that the relevant reports did not represent the British government's position. The British side highly valued the Chinese team's contribution to the fight against the epidemic. The development of friendly relations with China is of vital importance to the United Kingdom. This is the official position of the British government.

"Since the outbreak, British media reports should say that the overall situation is still objective, and they affirm that China has made great sacrifices and great contributions, which has won time for the world." Liu Xiaoming emphasized that viruses do not know national boundaries or races, and are common to human beings. enemy. The world can only succeed if they work together. (Finish)