During the past month, slightly fewer bankruptcies were reported in Blekinge than during the corresponding period last year. It shows new statistics from the credit information company UC, which has conducted bankruptcy statistics nationally.

In March, two companies went bankrupt in Blekinge, last year five bankruptcies were recorded in March. March is a month when more bankruptcies are usually reported than during the rest of the year, according to UC.

Worried companies are in touch

Per Swahn, bankruptcy manager in Karlskrona, has so far not noticed an increased wave of bankruptcies as a result of the corona crisis.

- We have had some uneasy calls. Of course it is coming, you always have it in the back of your mind, he says.

Magnus Lindsten from Amber lawyers in Karlskrona paints the same picture. There are several companies a day who inquire to discuss what a bankruptcy will mean and what to think about in such a situation.

He also thinks we have more bankruptcies to wait.

- We will probably see some bankruptcies within a week. I don't think the corona crisis has really hit through yet, but I think it will start later, says Magnus Lindsten.

Neighbors more hit

At the same time, neighboring Skåne is one of the worst bankrupt countries in the country. Compared to March last year, the number of bankruptcies in Skåne has increased by about 47 percent.

Lindsten believes that it may be the larger cities that contribute to the big difference between Skåne and Blekinge's bankruptcy number.

- It may be that it is different in the big cities, such as Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg.

"Empty shelves favor small shops"

UC believes bankruptcies will increase. But there are industries that are moving towards the trend. Bankruptcies are declining in retail - and best of all, it is for the food trade.

- Consumers have been looking for smaller stores when the supermarket shelves have gaped empty, which has benefited the small stores, says Richard Damberg at UC.